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  1. Just measured mine - 1.2 litres of waste water. Noticed that it only took 4.4 litres to fill the tank to the 5 litre mark. So I’m getting 3.2 litres of filtered water per cycle. Suspect the tank markings were done without the tank filter in situ?
  2. So @DavecUK would you clean the shower screen between shots? By this I mean running water through the group and wiping s.screen & group gasket with the group brush - rather than dropping the shower screen? I think you recommended this in a previous video. Or would that be more of an “end of a day” process?
  3. I went for black to match my Niche - and also because the wife dictated black to match her kitchen.
  4. Just about convinced the other half that it might be useful... 1. Badgerman 2. kken2007 3. jgf 4 Border_all 5. GordonH 6.
  5. Lurked for about a month or so before I joined.
  6. GordonH

    NFC shipping

    For anyone wondering about delivery time... I ordered one on 25th March, it shipped on the 28th, delivered today 7th April - quite good considering....
  7. I’m using the Niche grinder, bought that last year when I got fed up hand grinding for my aeropress. As for beans, for my aeropress I don’t like things too fruity/ acidic and have a preference for a lot of the Central American coffees - but for espresso I quite prefer a bit of acidity. Haven’t yet worked out any preferences for espresso, despite drinking lots of different ones at my local coffee shop. Looking forward to going through all the regions again to find out what works for me.
  8. Signed up today after lurking for a while. Always been a coffee drinker and in recent years I’ve progressed to freshly roasted beans - brewed using an Aeropress and Kalita wave. Also had a nespresso machine, which provided acceptable espresso with minimum fuss that fulfilled my needs for many years. A few years ago I discovered what a proper espresso should taste like and was hooked. And so began my quest to get a proper espresso machine. That’s when I found CFUK and spent a lot of time pouring through the forums to aid my decisions. A few weeks ago I popped into BB “just for a loo
  9. I was next in line behind @Nick1881 at BB to buy the Bianca. Big learning curve for me too, but I am managing to pull good (drinkable) shots. Steaming is more of a challenge, I’ve now moved to the smaller holed tip but still can’t master it - I guess it will take more practice. Kids are more than happy with the hot chocolates I make so can’t be all bad.
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