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  1. I've seen handles but not bases. I am planning to buy two, switch the handles and sell the unwanted set.
  2. @kennyboy993 Yeah mine's the same, a Bambino Plus with no hole in the blanking disk.
  3. Yeah that's what mine says too, which is what I do. I don't get flooding, only a very small amount of water back flushes for each cycle.
  4. @kennyboy993 As far as I know the manual was always fine, if vague/ambiguous, it was the official video linked in the OP that confused me. And the fact that the tablet lay undissolved in the blanking disk. I note the original video is now unlisted.
  5. Just an update as the OP. I finally finished the original Sage tablets I was slowly crumbing into the cleaning disk for the cleaning cycle (which still weren't completely dissolving) and bought some proper cleaning powder (Urnex Cafiza). The difference is immense, I can now see the cleaning mixture bubbling down into the drip tray and no cleaning powder is left after the cleaning cycle, even though I use more of it than I was previously. I'm confused as to why the Sage tablets are so bad.
  6. Are Motta tamper handles interchangeable between base sizes? I would like to take the handle from a 58mm Motta tamper and use it with a 53mm base.
  7. The manual makes it sound like pre-infusion is included in the factory program and manual shots, but not if you reprogram it. I think the Bambino depends more on time because the volume/weight you get out massively depends on the coffee that you put in the portafilter.
  8. @facboy Interesting you mention pre-infusion, it's reminded me that I reprogrammed the shot time, and I'm not sure that it includes pre-infusion, maybe I'll reset the machine and see if that helps.
  9. @ajohn Do you mean you do use a two slope and would never use a three slope? By two slope you mean something like this, right?
  10. Does anyone know of any convex tampers and/or distribution tools that would fit a Bambino Plus? Recently I've been getting some quite bad doughnutting and the only thing that I've found that helps so far is to make a small dip with my finger before tamping, I'd like to try some tools that would make this more convenient, consistent and cleaner.
  11. I've now received payment for, and posted, all six spray bottles. Hopefully you should all receive them around Wednesday/Thursday.
  12. I've received payment for five of these now, just waiting for payment for the last one.
  13. @jaffro I'll DM you my bank details. I assume you only want one?
  14. 10ml spray/atomiser bottles. £2 each + £1 p&p (same p&p no matter how many you want). I only wanted one of these but I had to buy eight, and I have six left over. If you're wondering why I would advertise spray bottles on a coffee forum see the video below.
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