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  1. Jamie K

    UK Based Roasters

    I can recommend Sussex Barn Blend from https://www.edgcumbes.co.uk/
  2. My (very recent) blanking disk does not have a hole in it, and what Sage CS told me seems to support what @PPapa reports, ie, they used to have holes but no longer do.
  3. As you said you used a powder I just wondered if you'd put it in the water tank.
  4. Using the same process with the cleaning disk, water going directly into the drip tray? Thanks.
  5. I got a Bambino Plus just under a month ago and I'm generally very happy with it and Sage (after their CS sent me some single walled baskets) however today I encountered the cleaning cycle and it just seems like a crappy way for Sage to make a bit more money by selling you cleaning tablets. First of all the manual says that the machine will prompt you to run the cleaning cycle after about 200 coffees. Like I said, I've had it for under a month and made an average of 2 coffees a day, max, there's no way I've made 200 coffees. Then I watched the official video and thought now how does the water get through the cleaning disk? (And what would be the point of that anyway?) I started the cleaning cycle and sure enough the water seemed to be washing out the waste channel directly into the drip tray, none coming into the 2l bowl I'd carefully balanced on the drip tray as instructed. So I called Sage support and the guy said that yes, the video is incorrect and was made before some changes were made to the machine (right) and what I was seeing with my machine was correct behaviour. The cleaning cycle ends and I remove the portafilter to see virtually the entire cleaning tablet still intact:: And what is actually even being cleaned here? I totally get the descaling option, but cleaning on top of that seems totally pointless.
  6. Very good. I'm pretty new to all this and was still getting used to the machine when using the pressurised baskets so I don't have much to compare it to. The portafilter is annoying me now, the plastic insert kept popping out so I've taken that out, I really want to get the portafilter from the DTP.
  7. Thanks @jchun310, however a pair arrived through my letterbox out of the blue. Someone at Sage must have taken pity on me. Great customer service!
  8. I am now abI am now able to post in the For Sale and Wanted section, maybe I just needed to post somewhere else first.
  9. Hi, I started a thread in the Wanted forum and replied a couple of times, but I now don't appear to be able to post in the For Sale and Wanted section at all. Can anyone shed any light on why this might be? Thanks, Jamie
  10. Yes I have called them, I even tried ordering them from their German site.
  11. Yes I have read something along those lines, but I'd still like to try it out. The first coffee I made with the Bambino Plus at my normal grind level seemed far too fine for it so I thought maybe it would be ok with a single walled basket. Sage only charges £2.50 for them so I wouldn't have much to lose if only they had them in stock.
  12. Looking for double and single cup 54mm single wall baskets. I've just bought the Sage Bambino Plus which didn't come with them and I can't find 54mm baskets in stock anywhere. I'd even consider attempting to modify double walled baskets. Thanks, Jamie
  13. Did any of you manage to try this? I'm considering the same thing. Thanks
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