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  1. Wow - that’s good to hear. Which burrs you swapping to?
  2. First time just checking the burrs condition and giving things a light clean - very little retention indeed. I’m still waiting for information on my second set of burrs, told they would b posted separately, has anyone heard anything from Option-O?
  3. Wow 🤩 Sums it up! I’m finally on a few days off so I’ll be spending some time playing with it but initial impressions are good. The flavours, using some beans I’ve had before, are bolder and more noticeable. Not sure I personally need any bigger burrs as these SSP HU burrs are already delivering. Still enjoying yours?
  4. That was the only option I had - It took about 17 days to arrive with no hassle and DPD are consistently good with deliveries.
  5. Grinder Update: The Lagom has arrived 😀 and pairs very nicely with The Eagle 🦅
  6. SSP High Uniformity with a set of the Unimodal to follow.
  7. It’s arrived 😁 Had the email this morning from DPD so only had a long wait at work to finish. Wow just wow - the black finish is brilliant and initial thoughts are good.
  8. So the Shop app shows it’s still in USA 🇺🇸
  9. Hi all, how is everyone getting on with their Lagom? Still no sign of mine yet - currently on day 11 of waiting with the DPD app now removing my parcel details (like others had). Emailed Option-O asking if they could provide tracking information of the company delivering to the U.K. and got a crap response not answering the actual question - just told me it was DPD and it will update when it’s arrived in the U.K. I normally don’t mind waiting for things but this whole process has started causing me some annoyance now.
  10. Thanks for the update - it’s all sounding positive. How’s everyone else finding theirs?
  11. Wow 🤩 Looks amazing! Happy? Which burrs are fitted?
  12. Nothing yet - DPD only provide details when it’s in the U.K. hopefully not too long to wait now.
  13. Amazing!!! Fingers crossed 🤞
  14. That’s good they will refund. The race is on then UPS vs DPD 😆
  15. So today I’ve had the DPD app inform me I have a parcel 📦 due tomorrow but they haven’t actually got it yet - sounds similar to other members option-o order I went on their online chat and all they could confirm was it was a global parcel - makes me believe it’s my Lagom and I haven’t ordered anything else but we shall see. How long from this update to receiving the grinder did people have to wait?
  16. Latest update from Option-O: ‘’Hello, We just wanted to give you a quick update regarding your Lagom P64. We've been working continuously in building the Lagom P64s and dispatching them as they are ready. Unfortunately the build progress has been a little slower than we anticipated and we hit a small snag - the remaining SSP burrs that we had were too small in dimension, and didn't fit our carrier. We had remachined some carriers to attempt as a workaround, but found that remachining the carrier affects the alignment so that's unfortunately no-go. Fortunately, we should be receiving additional SSP burrs within the next few days and we will be able to resume building the Lagom P64 next week. We are really sorry for both the delay and lack of updates. Thank you again for your patience and understanding - we are fully aware this hasn't been a smooth run but hopefully the wait will be worth it. Regards Hayden’’
  17. Wow! That’s amazing but the communication does seem to need some improving. Enjoy your new grinder - what colour and burrs did you get?
  18. Amazing!!! I paid in full a week ago now and haven’t heard anything re delivery yet!
  19. Wow - that’s amazing! Which burrs does it have?
  20. So I ordered mine mid-March for your reference. When I emailed Hayden the other day, response times becoming much quicker from them, he said things are speeding up with mid-May orders. Keep checking your junk folder also. That is a shame re time off and probably missing the chance but I’m sure we will greatly enjoy them when they do arrive.
  21. So woken this morning to my mid-May order final balance request - great news. Also looks like it’s shipping with the SSP HU burrs now so the delay has helped with stock. How’s everyone finding their grinder and burr choice having had a few days/weeks playing?
  22. Amazing! Are you early May originally? I’ve had an email stating they will start processing mid May orders this week.
  23. Amazing surprise then for you! Enjoy.
  24. Sounds promising though. What a lovely weekend you have of playing.
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