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  1. Wow - that’s good to hear. Which burrs you swapping to?
  2. First time just checking the burrs condition and giving things a light clean - very little retention indeed. I’m still waiting for information on my second set of burrs, told they would b posted separately, has anyone heard anything from Option-O?
  3. Wow 🤩 Sums it up! I’m finally on a few days off so I’ll be spending some time playing with it but initial impressions are good. The flavours, using some beans I’ve had before, are bolder and more noticeable. Not sure I personally need any bigger burrs as these SSP HU burrs are already delivering. Still enjoying yours?
  4. That was the only option I had - It took about 17 days to arrive with no hassle and DPD are consistently good with deliveries.
  5. Grinder Update: The Lagom has arrived 😀 and pairs very nicely with The Eagle 🦅
  6. SSP High Uniformity with a set of the Unimodal to follow.
  7. It’s arrived 😁 Had the email this morning from DPD so only had a long wait at work to finish. Wow just wow - the black finish is brilliant and initial thoughts are good.
  8. So the Shop app shows it’s still in USA 🇺🇸
  9. Hi all, how is everyone getting on with their Lagom? Still no sign of mine yet - currently on day 11 of waiting with the DPD app now removing my parcel details (like others had). Emailed Option-O asking if they could provide tracking information of the company delivering to the U.K. and got a crap response not answering the actual question - just told me it was DPD and it will update when it’s arrived in the U.K. I normally don’t mind waiting for things but this whole process has started causing me some annoyance now.
  10. Thanks for the update - it’s all sounding positive. How’s everyone else finding theirs?
  11. Wow 🤩 Looks amazing! Happy? Which burrs are fitted?
  12. Nothing yet - DPD only provide details when it’s in the U.K. hopefully not too long to wait now.
  13. Amazing!!! Fingers crossed 🤞
  14. That’s good they will refund. The race is on then UPS vs DPD 😆
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