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  1. Sounds like the rubber gaskets needs replacing - only a few pounds from their website and easily changed by yourself.
  2. I use the Sage Barista Express - roughly mix the chocolate powder into a milk jug then steam as per normal milk steaming - around 65 degrees. The steaming mixes the milk nicely and we are left with a delicious hot chocolate. Good luck.
  3. Has anyone else backed the Brrrewer project on Kickstarter by Essence Coffee? https://essense.coffee/en/brrrewer/ I should be receiving mine in a few weeks time and looking forward to trying it. I’ve only been making cold brew in my french press till now and interested to see how the flavours might change and the wider use it might have. Any advice/tips greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes I bought two bags and just run out. I personally loved them and most visitors did. They really are the taste of the sea and worth giving them ago.
  5. I’ve got 9g in each however my main coffee I use 17.5g so I have some built in tolerance for grinder retention.
  6. Would have to be a La Marzocco for me - happy with my current setup though.
  7. 16:00/17:00hrs for this coffee lover.
  8. I had the same thoughts as you and ended up making my solution. I wanted something nice to look at but didn’t wish to pay big money for it. I sourced the test tubes off Amazon and the oak block was something my Dad has from one of his many projects. Just need to get round to putting some oil on the block and possibly countersink the leveller tool.
  9. Sounds like you’re having fun learning and sampling. The grinder is fine for getting to know your machine, developing your own work flow and gives you something to research later on. Problem is the temptation to buy scales, mats, clothes, tampers, levelling tools etc Can recommend 200 Degree coffee subscription.
  10. Ah yes - I was thinking about this. I left the space as a way of holding onto the block but quickly started putting the leveller there. When the weather cools down I think I might explore cutting it.
  11. First time trying this and it’s lovely!
  12. I wanted to come up with a dosing solution which I could make myself and fit in with my worktop. So this is version one having got the idea from a lot of coffee shop visits & the forum. I had a piece of oak, gifted, and managed to find some flat bottomed glass test tubes. Each tube contains a single dose - perhaps version two I would have larger tubes to allow double doses. The block needs an oil putting on it to protect it and finish the project off. Feedback welcome on improvements.
  13. How are you finding your new machine? What grinder have you settled on in the end?
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