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  1. Would you consider splitting the items? I’m interested in the grinder.
  2. Has anyone used, purchased or seen one of these new Rocket Faustino grinders yet? Ive seen maybe two/three YouTube reviews but doesn’t seem that much user feedback available. I’m looking at upgrading my grinder setup from my Sage Barista Express to a dedicated grinder. I’ve done a lot of reading on the Niche Grinder which ticks a lot of boxes but I can’t help to think I prefer the design of this one but ultimately is it as good a grinder as the Niche for the price point? Any thoughts welcomed...
  3. Try 200 Degrees Coffee - House Blend Brazilian Love Affair. I have a Sage BE and never had an issue with these beans. Good luck - hope things improve.
  4. This is how I do it - fully appreciate there are different ways.
  5. I use a funnel but grind directly into a rhinoware metal cup first then pour into the portafilter. Works well for me - I’ll try and find a photo of it.
  6. Very impressive. Is this something you might start doing on the side? Say a 53.4mm for a Sage BE?
  7. THR_Crema

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    Not a bad offer and excellent Christmas gift 👍
  8. How amazing! Guessing he’d like his own machine and setup soon 😂
  9. Amazing to finally see a company providing these. Just done a mock order and they are quoting $45.55 for postage to UK so total of $160.55 (£84.31 at today’s rate) Not sure I can justify that much but be interested if someone buys one what their view is on it .
  10. What -Mac said. I didnt to start with and was left with watery milk. Are you using full fat cows milk?
  11. Tried these beans at a local coffee shop so treated myself to a bag and also the hot chocolate.
  12. Enjoy; sadly no courses near me. Be interesting to see what the £20 gets you on the day.
  13. You sure can - took me best part of 6 months and a barista course however I’m now consistent. As mentioned above make sure you purge the wand first, before putting it into the milk jug, then work on stretching the milk and getting the rotation correct. This is where the barista course paid for itself - I’d watched so many YouTube videos but couldn’t get it. As soon as we got to the milk texturing part of the course it clicked. Good luck.
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