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  1. Thanks for the super quick reply 🙏 That’s interesting to hear you’re downgraded from the Mazzer and happy with the quality. The Faustino is a lovely sleek design and I imagine it fits well on most worktops without it being over bearing. Are you planning to try single dosing with it?
  2. Looks really good - how are you finding the grinder?
  3. Wow 🤩 Love the look and your review/thoughts on the P64. This is currently my preferred option for my big upgrade - thanks for sharing.
  4. Would you consider a beech plywood shelf?
  5. They are beautiful! The odd one comes up on eBay.
  6. Thank you - I’m interested in one and just waiting for a few more reviews before committing.
  7. Looking forward to reading your review Dave 👍
  8. Thank you for your thoughts and great to hear them. Mr Hoffmann is due to do a high end grinder comparison soon which will include the Lagom P64. What were the import charges like?
  9. What did the postie bring today...nothing 😔
  10. Looks amazing! You have well and truly been bitten by this bug 🐜
  11. So I’m very interested in this and also saw it on Mr Hoffmann’s recent videos. Sent him a message and confirmed there will be a video comparing the Lagom P64 vs Niche vs others grinder comparison. Looking forward to his thoughts - he did say from Niche to Lagom it’s a big jump.
  12. I saw this and will follow it with interest. Launching soon on Kickstarter - struggling to think of an entry price point for something claiming what it is.
  13. This has been a great discount, thank you @Joe shorrockfor sending me it, used it for some Christmas shopping.
  14. Technically for Christmas but had to check it in case it needed returning 😆
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