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  1. I’ll keep my eye on this then 👍
  2. Thanks for confirming the above. Loving the Honduras 🇭🇳 beans at the moment on subscription - it will be a shame when they aren’t available anymore. Looking forward to Leicester shop re opening 👍
  3. If only this was this time next year @MildredM Having seen how well you look after and maintain your equipment any buyer shouldn’t be worried and snap your hands off for this. Good luck.
  4. Looks a great home setup 🤟
  5. It is only a thought should the good Sage owners not offer on the complete listing 🤣
  6. I’d be interested in the IMS basket only; should you wish to split.
  7. Set of Craig Lyn bean cellars.
  8. Sorry to hear you’re run into this problem, perhaps you can supply some photographs/video?
  9. Looks good. How are you finding it?
  10. Probably the best price I’ve seen for it 👍 Thanks for sharing.
  11. Glad to hear build quality lives up to what I think it would be. Look forward to the review as currently researching hand grinders (currently using a rhino ware). That’s funny re Turkish grind for an Aeropress.
  12. Well I was a lucky boy for my birthday and received this tamper from Clockwork Espresso last week. Its designed to fit Sage/Breville 54mm baskets and I can confirm it fits as well as the Motta 53mm tampers. The build quality is superb and a joy to use the small tool to adjust the height (depth) of the tamper. Plenty of YouTube reviews on its bigger brother if you want more information. The tool to release the tightening pin could’ve just been basic but clockwork espresso have made a very nice tactile knurled piece that even looks nice sat by the machine. It has been allowing us to get an even tamp checked using my bottomless portafilter. It also helps reduce strain through the hand as you can use your whole palm now - my wife has small hands and couldn’t use the Motta tamper due to the height which often led to pushing down at an angle. If anyone would like any more details let me know.
  13. Morning both, thanks for the comments. It’s the Acaia small dosing cup and it doesn’t fit into a 54mm portafilter if you planned on tipping it directly in. I’m very pleased it can hang there and matches the finish of the machine. Acaia make some fantastic products and this has a lovely feel and finish to it - the anti static coating is excellent.
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