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  1. Thanks - I’ll await some photos 👍
  2. Are you still based in Hinckley? @JoshW
  3. Moka Pot is my preferred method for coffee at work. If I’m making for quite a few others I dig the french press out.
  4. Very nice - look forward to reading your view on this machine.
  5. Use my set with a Sage BE and my espresso game has got stronger and stronger - a decent set of scales and timer are essential. Doesn’t have to be Acaia Lunar - I loved the clean simple design of them.
  6. Welcome to the Sage ownership and forum. Ive got the Sage knock box however agree it’s too small but looks nice next to the machine. Over three years I’ve added a few accessories which are: 53mm Motta Tamper - feels nicer than the included Sage one. 53mm Motta Leveller - purpose to distribute the grinds for better extraction. Although @DavecUKdid a very interesting video showing it might not be that useful. Rhinoware tamper mat for portafilter and milk jug tapping. Variety of milk jugs & made a bean doser store. Scales are a must ?
  7. Firstly what an amazing position to be in - buying your first espresso machine; such fun. So I’m 3 years into owning a Barista Express and had the DTP before this (It was upgraded by Sage after the casing started to rust due to a one off fault). Great customer service. Personally as a beginner machine and something that can provide you decent espresso and milk the BE is a great all in one package. It depends how serious you think this hobby will go? I was kindly bought the DTP as a present and it was a concern of mine (& the good ladies) that it would be another kitchen gadget I wouldn’t use. Thankfully I took to it and keep enjoying learning and tweaking things. Ive thought about the Bambino but not sure I like the auto frothing function - I feel it might not be as good as manual steaming for Latté art - but then I’be not used one but I know @joey24dirt has one so might be able to help with this? The BE is a great all in one and the difference between the two Sage grinders won’t be noticeable. Buy decent freshly ground coffee - I buy mine on a subscription basis from 200 Degrees and get it posted directly. After 3 years with the BE I now feel ready to upgrade to a new setup - probably won’t happen for another year but starting to enjoy researching what I’ll upgrade to next. Loving every time I use my BE and can’t rate it enough.
  8. Most excellent setup there ?
  9. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273873965385 Think it was from here - it was in my ‘watch list’ on eBay. Fits very nicely in the basket.
  10. Be great to get an update and Sage’s view - look forward to an update.
  11. Good to see this happen to someone else, think in total this has happened to me twice in 2 years. Short answer - not sure why it happened. After a good descale cycle it hasn’t happened since. Clearly a value got stuck and kept building the pressure until the release and what a bang!! I did think it was game over first time but everything seems fine with my machine - touch wood no issues for past 6 months.
  12. I’m using a 17g dose in a double single wall basket and aim for 1:2 ratio. Vary it slightly depending what beans I’m using.
  13. THR_Crema


    Can you provide a video of the problem please?
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