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  1. Most Lever machines of this quality go for around that money, there's a lot of engineering and quality components that have gone into them. Less than half price at only 2 years old is pretty decent value if you think about it. I can confirm I'm really impressed by the build. Mine is now approaching 2 years old and doesn't miss a beat. Key things are regular weekly cleaning and to clean/lub the piston around 12monthly. You might want to ask about this on the machine you're interested in. My missus wasn't keen on the size either (there's a first haha!) But warm up times are easy to combat with a smart/wifi plug. I have mine set to come on at 5am pre morning shots and 4pm pre tea time coffee. Weekends it stays on all day. Feel free to ask anything else @bigsav Had my Pro 800 for a year now. Love it. And the warm-up time (120 volts in the States) is about 20 minutes. Not bad compared to other machines I've had.
  2. UK friends. Traveling in the UK for about three weeks beginning May 23rd and was wondering if anyone could suggest where I might find used/new logo cups for my collection of the same. I'll be in London, Swansea, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Edinburgh, Bath, Oxford. Not interested in the usual suspects (Nespresso, Lavazza, Illy, etc.). Thanks in advance. Jeff
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