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  1. Hi, I installed my PID yesterday. Just wanted to thank @MrShades for doing such an excellent job of creating the kit and the instructions. The quality of the kit and instructions are first class, installation took several hours but worked first time. Everything about the kit and instructions is about as professional and polished as your going to get. Only had a few brews, the first with the stock PID settings was excellent. Also the steam seemed better, with a more stable flow and less water, more steamey !
  2. Hi, could I have the code as well please?
  3. Really enjoying Billions at the moment (Season4) , there's also some coffee action.
  4. timmy


    I've had some fantastic flat whites in Federal (Antipodean), food is excellent to.
  5. Hi, I recently had a similar issue. A good clean, descale (make sure you open the valve for the wand) improved things. If it's not perfect the next set would be to replace the Steam Valve Assembly, I've not done this but it doesn't look to complex, just the £45 for the new bit :-( Also check the plastic knob is good, this will pull off. I used pliers to close the valve just in case the knob was loose as these aren't the most robust things.
  6. timmy


    Hi All, I've been lurking on the forums looking for tips to improve my coffee. I've a Gaggia classic, which I've had for 8 years and am finally thanks to these forums I'm finally learning how to use properly. I'm on a quest to make excellent flat whites like some of the ones served in the independent coffee shops in Manchester, Tim
  7. Been lurking for a while, need to up my coffee game
  8. Hi, Please could someone PM me the code, Thanks,
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