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  1. Thanks to @L&R , the NZ grinder arrived safe & nice.
  2. @L&R I'll take it, you have PN.
  3. Long shot as these don't come up very often, but I am tempted to get one used, as a temporary alternative to C40 while I'm waiting for some parts for my main grinder to arrive. So I would like to register my interest here, color doesn't matter, happy to pay the insured shipping.
  4. @Dang24 Would you consider separating and shipping the Sette? If so, what would be your price idea?
  5. Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL is the one that won't break budget, makes good photos also in low-light and i can wholeheartedly recommend it if you don't need a modular camera with a dedicated tele- and wide-angle lens.
  6. Listening to Melody Gardot "If the stars were mine" on repeat. Loving my new Master & Dynamic MW60 Leica 0.95 edition btw, they sound just brilliant whether connected to my Fiio amp or via Bluetooth.
  7. Drinking Gardelli Mzungu from V60-01. Those are really small, dense beans that have less porosity so I have to grind finder than other coffees. A bit of difficult time grinding them in C40. Today I used a water just off the boil from the Glowbeans shower and it tastes good as usual. Hard to spoil this coffee. And for sure can't beat Gardelli for aroma, this is my 3rd roast from them, all previous ones (Carlos Pacheco and Rwenzori) were just as good.
  8. Occasional Aeropress but some drops are spilled here and there so I am also considering a Stagg X (+ Gabi Master B to pour with a normal kettle)
  9. Celebrated upgrading my brew grinder to C40 MkIII from Porlex by brewing Costa Rica Geisha in V60-01. Approx 14.5g in, 30sec bloom, 3:00 total time to 220g out with water slightly below 90 degrees This honey-processed coffee from Finca Las Palomas is roasted by CoffeePirates Vienna, it is not very fresh any more but I'm glad I set some of it aside for a decent grinder (invested in my espresso equipment before..) - wow, such an improvement in brew quality, such a clear complex cup whereas it was nothing but bitter and boring before. Interesting mix of herbs, stone fruit (plum?), oolong tea. Beautiful when cooled down. I will try to brew the next cup longer and hotter to get some more sweetness. This is also my first post here so wanted to say hi 2nd cup of the day was Honduras Comsa natural as espresso.
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