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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. Do you know how to disconnect the autofill? Ive looked through the manuals that came with the machine and it doesnt mention it? Thanks
  2. Our 17 year old has just purchased a coffee trailer where the Expobar Monroc has been left standing for two years but does not appear to have been. The machine is fed from jerry cans and not the mains. The machine wasn't filling when we first turned it on so I checked the supply pipework only to find a yellow glue like substance blocking it. I have cleaned this (with a piece of wire) and water now runs through and the machine heats up / produces steam etc. I am really worried this could be bacteria and don't want to let anyone get ill. Can anyone please advise how do I go about sterilising all the supply pipework and boiler etc. He plans to keep this on jerry cans (that we normally will Milton as we do with the caravan) but how often do we need to do all the supply pipework including the machine? Sorry if this has already been asked but we cant find the answer anywhere, he is too shy to ask himself! Thank you
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