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  1. Hmm need to find the site rules again! I’ll dm you just in case. I like to think I’m quite competent with DIY and found it quite straightforward to fit. The hard part was getting the right adapters. Most uk fittings are metric and bwt are imperial so needed a mix of adapters. Off the top of my head I needed: -15mm compression splitter (one to go to the kitchen cold and the other to bwt) - 15mm copper tube - 15mm to 3/8” flex hose - bwt filter head - 3/8” screw to 15mm compression adapter (this was tricky) This was the tap I fitted - didn’t need to drill more holes but got the additional filter tap. https://www.vyair.com/three-way-kitchen-tap-13306.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIksGM3s_F4gIVKb7tCh1WAw4VEAQYAyABEgI6A_D_BwE Ideally I would have bought a whole system but was quite expensive to import from the states which was the only place I could find it.
  2. Hi, I looked at a few options but settled on the BWT bestmax premium under sink filter after looking at some YouTube vids. The initial plan was to plumb in the machine off the filter but splitting the line was an issue for drinking water, the machine (3/8” plumbing hardware was tough to find) and the missus didn’t fancy me drilling a hole in our kitchen worktop so it’s setup to feed a 3 way kitchen tap to have regular unfiltered hot and cold and a filter tap to top up the reservoir. Having line feed pre-infusion is the dream so might do it at a later date assuming I can find the hardware The Brita approach is much cheaper but the family drinks quite a lot of water and it was always empty by the time I needed to top up. Plastic waste is a big issue in our house so bottled water was not an option. The bwt lasts for a year (found a much cheaper shop in Europe for the filters), doesn’t scale and apparently makes the taste better. Hope this helps!
  3. Nice. I hadn’t considered a hand grinder. I think the space constraint is the deciding factor though as I don’t think I’d want to have a manual as my sole grinder.
  4. Haha true! Tbh I’m mostly just testing the water at the moment but have decided I don’t want to convince myself I need a Monolith! I guess sub-£1.5k would be okay if I can convince the missus/get one that looks the same as the s64. The Niche seems like the obvious choice as an additional grinder but don’t particularly fancy the design or the additional workspace required. Having seen a few puffer mods on YouTube for a T64 I’m tempted to have a go or maybe go the route of a eureka 75e with the blow out hopper but given these grinders require the weight of beans behind them to get a consistent grind, I might just be trading one issue for another.
  5. Hi, I’ve got an ECM synchronica with an ECM S64 grinder. The grinder came as part of a package deal. I’ve put about 10kg of beans through it and it’s working well but am thinking I’d like to single dose so I can have a variety of coffees hence the potential upgrade. There seems to be a shortage of options though without spending crazy money...
  6. Hi, I’ve been a long time lurker and have finally decided to join! I’m getting really consistent results now and has become an obsession so feel I can contribute to a discussion! Am also contemplating a grinder upgrade so thought getting access to lurk the for sale section would be a bonus!
  7. I sold my sage smart grinder pro on eBay a year ago for £80 so you’ll find good second hand deals. It’s about as compact as it gets if you’re worried about size though...
  8. Totally agree with Mrboots2u. If you get a gaggia, you’re getting a hobby rather than a coffee machine (at least for the first few months depending on how keen you are!). I inherited mine originally from a friend’s parents who couldn’t get to grips with it. Was frustrating initially but ultimately very rewarding. Grinder recommendations above are solid.
  9. I’ve since moved on from my gaggia but it took about a year of tweaking before I got tiger striped, tasty shots out of it. The real game changer for me was getting a bottomless portafilter so I could see the extraction. Got mine for about £25 or you could angle grind your existing one if you have the tools. The stock basket was adequate for me so would suggest you don’t go the way of replacing it straight away. The pid will help massively as I really struggled with temperature surfing but distribution and channelling was a big issue too. I kept the default pressure. Key points are seeing the coffee appear evenly, dripping fro the centre of the basket and hitting the cup between 5-8 seconds and generally started at 1:2 ratio over 20-25 seconds depending on the coffee. You’ll see loads of bottomless pf shots on YouTube although some people use coffees that seem to be all crema and very voluminous. As others have asked above, what’s your workflow with getting coffee from the grinder and tamping?
  10. I’ve come and gone over the years but has got to the point where I feel I know enough to contribute to a discussion rather than just asking noob questions!
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