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  1. Also, I presume it's not really worth getting a 2nd hand SGP, in the same way you would a Mazzer or Niche?
  2. Sorry, yes when I say Sage I'm referring to the SGP. OK, I'm 90% convinced to get the SGP to go with my DTP.. Pity the 35% codes aren't working!
  3. Would you say the sage is good enough? I'm reading on here that people seem to prefer spending more to get a niche, eureka or mazzer.. Is it worth me spending the extra £100 for a new mignon manuale at this level..?
  4. Thanks, the mignon manuale looks pretty reasonable. That or look for a second hand one I think. Either e Should be a pretty good improvement on the store bought pre ground stuff I'm using at the moment!
  5. Hi Just joined the club today with a DTP... Upgrade from a delonghi scultura that died.. Currently looking at grinders. Still deciding if its worth the expense, or whether a manual or a hacked delonghi kg79 would suffice for a while....? Is the performance enough to justify the price..? Thanks!
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