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  1. I also go for tasting notes and reviews from other coffee lovers. Then it depends on what brewing method I use. I like fruity coffees, light roast, for my Aeropress and Chemex and more chocolatey notes, medium roast for my French Press. I mostly get my coffee from Cafés Lugat because I know the team and appreciate the work they do. I would strongly advise you visit a good coffee roaster if you have the chance to have one nearby, talk about the perfect smooth espresso you are looking for and try before you buy. It's a great experience too ☺️
  2. Once you start getting coffee from a good roaster, you will never look back! You will be amazed at all the different flavours and aromas you can get depending on the coffee you pick and the method you use. Not going to go on and on about it but it's worth going to see a coffee roaster, have a chat and try for yourself. Good luck!
  3. I join the Bialetti club here. With a kicker of a coffee from Italy, you should get what you need for your Café au lait. Bear in mind that the standard capacity for a cup with a moka pot is only 50ml. So a 4 cup moka pot will only really be for 200ml. Saves you picking a size too small if you opt for that option!
  4. Hi! The fact that the grounds container gets filled with water sounds odd to me. If nobody can find you an answer here, I'd seriously consider getting in touch with Delonghi directly. Their number to see if your machine is repairable is HERE Good luck!
  5. It is worth sticking to the Chemex. It really produces such a tasty coffee when done right! I am not 100% there with mine yet but I keep trying different recipes and beans until I find what suits me. And with all the help available here, I am sure you will get there! Good luck!
  6. Personally, I'd go for something like the Saeco Lirika OTC. Made for small companies, with one touch feature for milky drinks (or a steam wand on the Lirika Plus model) and a hot water dispenser. Worth investigating.
  7. Signed. We need to support coffee farmers Time are tough for them and it's not going to get any better with all the climate issues. Love your coffee, love the farmers! 🙂
  8. The Can'it travel mug is quite cool. It keeps your coffee warm and it is leakproof. 😉
  9. Bodum are experts when it comes to French Press but other brands make good products too like Melitta or Bialetti. When you find your own recipe with the coffee you like, it is a great fuss-free brewing method. 😊
  10. Hello! If your grind is extra fine, you must be having to press extra hard for the water to go through with an Aeropress! 😲
  11. Thanks for sharing. There is also this recent exchange between James Hoffmann and Dr Aaron Davis from Kew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y98E7OCdGdQ
  12. No worries. I work for MaxiCoffee so if any of you have questions, I check the forum regularly 😊
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