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  1. I'm afraid we (MaxiCoffee), do not have the facilities to ship outside Europe for now. Good luck!
  2. Hello, I just rinse it under the tap and blow through it if I see any clogging. I have had mine for almost a year and it is still doing the job.
  3. I use no more than 18g with a grind slightly finer than sea salt. I usually end up with a nice compact puck (for me, that's a sign that my grind was good). Of course, I adjust slightly depending on the beans. For the amount of coffee, I guess it depends on what coffee you use and your personal taste. At the end of the day, we all experiment until we are happy with the result 😉
  4. Hi there, What model do you have? I can check if we have what you need in stock and put it online if it is not there already. Just PM me if it's easier. 😉
  5. I go for a good coffee container with a vacuum system like Airscape and keep my coffee in a cupboard. I have always been told keeping beans in the fridge interferes with coffee oils and moisture is bad too. But I know there are various schools of thought on the subject 🙂
  6. Or get a good insulated flask/bottle like Thermos or Contigo. If you pre_warm the container with hot water before pouring your coffee inside, you will avoid thermal shock and if it is a good quality flask, your coffee willl stay at a good temperature for long enough. My better half works on building sites and that's how I make sure he has quality coffee all day long ?
  7. Hello, You may find answers HERE in the comments section. Good luck!
  8. There are several things to try to solve the issue: - Check that the brewing unit has been properly clicked into place and that the door is shut properly. Also, the brewing unit may need cleaning. You would need to unclip it and rinse it under tap water. - Is the dial for the steam set to 0 ? It should be. - If the descaling light flashes, it still means you need to descale the machine. Maybe it needs doing a couple of times if the previous owner never did it. I hope it helps! Good luck!
  9. Hello! Cafés Lugat is a team of roasters that shares our life and premises at MaxiCoffee. Maybe our story HERE will clarify things for you. If you DM me your email address used for your customer account, the Cafés Lugat team would like to send you some goodies after Xmas as a thank you for your feedback ?
  10. Cafés Lugat are part of MaxiCoffee. We are based near Bordeaux. I have just walked to our coffee roasting area to show you some more ? The roasters and a cupping session being set up to check quality.
  11. It's nice to read your feedback about our coffees. Our chief roaster is currently in Ethiopia sourcing new coffee beans so watch this space! ?
  12. Just looked at your Insta. I really like the stuff you are making. ?
  13. Hello, sorry, I don't have the factory setting for the grinder. But if you are going to play with it to fine tune your grind, try it one notch at a time and remember you will need to produce 2 coffees before the new grinder setting properly kicks in. It should all be explained in the manual ?
  14. Hello, Delonghi usually uses stainless steel but check with the brand directly if you are not sure ?
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