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  1. Thanks for your response - to answer the questions: 1. Yes it is a blind filter basket 2. Will have to take the case off to see this I guess so can't say at this precise moment. 3. Water still flows from the group head but there is no steam 4. No I haven't 5. I only use bottled Ashbeck mineral water from Tesco A couple of other things that may be useful to know: - the steam wand still produces steam - hot water flows from the tap if turned on and the pump starts to refill the boiler - seemed to take a while to do it mind. I can do another video clip of elements of this if that would be useful?
  2. Can you see this: Don't think I will be winning any awards for production quality!
  3. My Classico lost pressure mid-shot yesterday and the pump didn't sound "normal". I was able to see this with great clarity having installed a brewhead pressure gauge about two weeks ago. I thought it may be a blip so this morning I tried it again with the blanking plate in and the needle on the pressure gauge moved up slightly and then dropped back to zero. I don't think it is likely to be the pump as I had to replace this 3 months ago so I was wondering if it is likely to be a blocked OPV valve? Boiler pressure is normal at about 1.1 bar. I have been intending to look at the OPV valve anyway as I want to drop the pressure to 9 bar so possibly need to do it now?! Any pointers appreciated. Thanks
  4. Latest delivery from Craft House - really enjoying their beans at the moment. Got a weeks supply next before I dive in.
  5. My order email didn’t list the saucers either which I queried. Apparently the system they use cannot display free items in the order summary email. So it it should be fine!
  6. Great tip off! Just ordered a lovely set in red. 😁
  7. Nice one - Doesn’t sound too tricky to sort then? Have you had a chance to pull any shots with it yet?
  8. Be interesting to see if the outer cover will come off so the sensor can be mounted flush.
  9. Thanks. Just bought one - at that price it’s worth a punt!
  10. Anyone ever used one of these stick-on grouphead thermometers and if so is it any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-group-head-Thermometer-Europiccola-Professional-termometro-gruppo/174298350015?hash=item2894fdc1bf:g:BgcAAOSwzTJcPjF7 Video here: Thanks
  11. Yes they are out of stock. If you mean the steam pressure valve then yes a combined steam & boiler pressure gauge would be good. Probably beyond my skills to fit one though!
  12. I'm not not after one that mounts on the portafilter but one that mounts directly into the grouphead. Like this: https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/La-Pavoni-Giotto-Grouphead-Pressure-Gauge---5530011/m-4287.aspx
  13. @Achrys what brewhead pressure gauge did you go with? I'm thinking of doing this mod. Thanks
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