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  1. Just coming to the end of a pack of Apple Pacamara Microlot supplied by Blackcat Coffee. These have produced the most stable extraction for me using a bottomless portafilter, ie minimal spritzing and deadspots. With other beans I get deadspots and spritzing although I am using the same prep and grind technique. So it got me wondering if a combination of bean qualities produce a more a stable shot than others, eg: - Country - Varietal - Producer - Single origin vs blend - Roast level – dark etc - Process –
  2. It is a shame Fracino don’t supply a deeper tray - there is plenty of spare depth to play with. I suppose you could drill a small hole in the corner of the tray and attach a drain pipe somehow? I’ve got the model with the wire tray and mop it out after each coffee making session.
  3. Little Fin Chilero & El Fumo arrived today and another bag of Black Cat Apple Pacamara Microlot which I have a really been enjoying.
  4. There is actually a small lip on the side of the screen. If you are lucky you may be able to use the back of a spoon or similar and lever against the grouphead to remove the screen. I tried this with a new seal, which I had inserted the wrong way, and managed to damage the screen so you need to be careful!
  5. Just ordered some El Fumo - looking forward to trying it!
  6. Just seen that it will be next Saturday.
  7. @Little Fin Coffee Roasterywhen are you next roasting? Thanks
  8. Welcome to the forum. You have picked an excellent place to pick up lots of tips!
  9. The seal can be tough to remove and you might damage it in the process, so you might want to think about having a spare to hand just in case.
  10. Had to purchase a new pump in the end, so all sorted at the moment!
  11. Yes I have a great view of the Malvern hills. I’ve not been to Queensland for a while but I do remember the Bundy & cokes! If it’s a new machine then you shouldn’t need to play around with the grouphead I would think, unless something has been dislodged in transit. My Classico isn’t plumbed in as I am just using the water tank - they are advertised as manual fill only in the UK. In terms of extraction time then it does seem quick. A rough guide would be say, 18gms of ground coffee in the portafilter with 36gms of coffee in the cup, taking between 25- 30 seconds to extr
  12. Is it a new Classico - if so the retailer should sort this for you but guessing this isn’t an option hence your post. Might be worthwhile dismantling and cleaning the grouphead. Also, I noticed that my Classico was leaking from the nut on top of the group head recently, which ran down the side of the grouphead into the drip tray. Probably isn’t the problem you have, given the amount of water you are talking about but maybe worth a look.
  13. Looking at the Xbox Series X the same is true. MRP is £450 but selling on eBay for £550- £600!
  14. My Classico threw a bit of wobbly yesterday and died mid-shot. I was using some new beans which were clearly ground too fine but in the end the brewhead pressure gauge just dropped to zero & there was no flow so I switched off. The pump did sound like it was labouring up to that point. I’ve had this kind of thing in the past & what normally works is letting it cool down as this only seems to happen when the machine has been on for more than an hour or so. Do other people get this or is it a sign that the pump may be on the way out or some other issue? Anyway, it see
  15. I bought 22gm basket from a member of the forum a while back. It’s an IMS D28661 NT and measures 28.5m deep. It wouldn’t fit in the standard spouted Fracino portafilter so I bought a bottomless one from Happy Donkey. I dose 20gm and have no trouble with pucks sticking to the shower screen, etc.
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