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  1. A thumbs up for the Procook XC50’s for me as well. Had 6 of them for 5 years or so - a big improvement over my old Sabatiers.
  2. How many knives are you after & do you have a budget? Do you need a knife block?
  3. Hi Jim. Just checking you got my response earlier - I can’t see anything in my sent folder so just wanted to confirm? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the heads up - just ordered. My timer went wrong yesterday & my scales look like they are on the way out as well so this was great timing!
  5. I’m after a 20gm VST ridgeless basket if anyone has one spare. Thanks.
  6. Great - looking forward to it! Should have said - can I have mine in black please. Cheers.
  7. I’ll have the hood and cap for my Mazzer SJ please.
  8. I’m after a stainless steel grinds tray for my Mazzer SJ in reasonable condition. Thanks
  9. Tried the TP link, with mixed results. The plug works and the machine comes on, but when I try to pull a shot there doesn’t seem to be enough power for the pump to kick in. I had to plug the Classico directly into the socket for it to work. Not ideal but at least it is heating up, although this mornings shot wasn’t hot enough for me, so will try a longer warn up time.
  10. The TP Link HS100 is also rated at 3kw but I will Give it a go.
  11. Hi KTD, What brand of wifi plug are you using? My Meross appears to be struggling to cope so I may need to swap. thanks
  12. When I got home I realised I had left the plug on the top, so it had been unplugged all day. However, when I tried again the same thing happened. So it looks as though the machine is drawings too much current for the plug to handle, even though it is just under the max limit.
  13. I have already updated the firmware and reset but not left it unplugged for 20 mins. I will give the latter a go when I get home. Not fussed re wattage - it's 2.85Kw.
  14. Yes I should have mentioned that! It’s the 310 rated at 13.0 amps.
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