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  1. Can you confirm what size dose the basket will take and the brand of the basket. Thanks
  2. I followed the article referenced by MrShades on Saturday using the tools indicated. It was actually very straightforward and took around 45 mins.
  3. I wondered if there was a steep learning curve in getting a decent cup or whether the results were much improved virtually straight away.
  4. Very nice! I would be interested to know if there is much difference in the espresso produced from this vs your old Gaggia?
  5. Interesting to read the comments on Mystery 10 as this was my first real introduction to coffee grinding having just got a Mazzer SJ. I thought it tasted ok but that was without any real reference point (for home espresso anyway). Based upon my preferences and some of the posts above I think I am going to try the Rave Espresso taster pack next.
  6. Thanks for this post - followed it yesterday and got it all sorted in no time and managed to get bang on 10 bar on the second attempt! Having all the right tools made it simple but the trickiest bit for me was getting the spout off the portafilter - having a workbench vice really helped here.
  7. Managed to get this sorted this morning - took me about 45 minutes. Pulled one shot which was a bit off so a bit of tweaking to the grind required. Will post on to Mrlatte on Monday.
  8. Yes I do understand and have the answers to some of these points but not all. So probably worth asking for a few more questions!
  9. Thanks DavecUK. What other facts would it be useful to know? I’ve called BB and a reservoir is about £30.
  10. I would appreciate some thoughts on a valuation of a 3 year old Expobar Brewtus IV which I am considering buying. It hasn’t been used for the last 2 years apart from being tested 6 months ago. It is set up to be plumbed in and would need to have an internal reservoir added. Asking price is just over £500. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I’m thinking about buying a 3 year old Brewtus IV and would appreciate some input on a couple of points. It was plumbed in and I am told doesn’t have an internal water reservoir - where can I buy one separately? It wasn’t used very much and has not been used for the last 2 years apart from a test 6 months ago when it worked fine. Is there anything I should look out for because of this and will need any special preparation before regular use? I will post a separate thread on a valuation. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Holidayinn, How did it go last weekend?
  13. Have you tried heating the machine up? This is supposed to help - I will find out shortly!
  14. Thanks for the link. Lots to take on board. The phrase that stands out is “lots of patience when starting out”. Yep! I guess once I’ve got the hang of it it won’t feel like doing the numbers.
  15. So after about 4 attempts I managed to get a half-way decent cup so I'm pretty pleased all in all. No doubt things will improve as I get used to my new toy and when I start weighing the output. That's the next thing on my list to have a go at! Cheers all.
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