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  1. Just got my Mazzer Major set up. Thanks to @CocoLoco for a few tips on the Daniel Wong doserless setup and @Cuprajakefor the kit itself. Just need some more practice now and better portafilter funnel than the one I currently have.
  2. A good deal for someone............? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193835576075?hash=item2d21802b0b:g:t-cAAOSwUi5eWod1
  3. @Russthe kit for sale was for a Major not an SJ and also it is no longer available as I have just purchased it!
  4. Sorted - just gripped the grinds tray retaining bracket with some grips and turned!
  5. Hi all, Just taken delivery of Mazzer Auto - 2016 model. Needs a good clean but it's a got Ti burrs and wasn't a bad price so I am feeling pretty pleased! I now want to do the two switch mods and measure up for the Daniel Wong doserless kit but thought it best to do the switches first. However, I am not sure what tool I need to undo the grinds tray bolt and wondered if someone could please confirm? Thanks
  6. Might give that a go. I wonder if it makes a difference if the cork is from a bottle of red or a bottle of white??
  7. Just coming to the end of a pack of Apple Pacamara Microlot supplied by Blackcat Coffee. These have produced the most stable extraction for me using a bottomless portafilter, ie minimal spritzing and deadspots. With other beans I get deadspots and spritzing although I am using the same prep and grind technique. So it got me wondering if a combination of bean qualities produce a more a stable shot than others, eg: - Country - Varietal - Producer - Single origin vs blend - Roast level – dark etc - Process – washed etc - Height of growth - Age of bean - Etc The specifics for this bean are: - Nicaragua - Pacamara - Can’t recall producer - Washed - MSL 1400m - The beans are massive – just measured one that was nearly 20mm long - Roasted 22nd March & started using them 5th April Or is it just a lottery? I’ve had a quick search on this but can’t find anything specific but apologies if this has been asked before and I’ve missed it. Any thoughts or pointers appreciated.
  8. It is a shame Fracino don’t supply a deeper tray - there is plenty of spare depth to play with. I suppose you could drill a small hole in the corner of the tray and attach a drain pipe somehow? I’ve got the model with the wire tray and mop it out after each coffee making session.
  9. Little Fin Chilero & El Fumo arrived today and another bag of Black Cat Apple Pacamara Microlot which I have a really been enjoying.
  10. There is actually a small lip on the side of the screen. If you are lucky you may be able to use the back of a spoon or similar and lever against the grouphead to remove the screen. I tried this with a new seal, which I had inserted the wrong way, and managed to damage the screen so you need to be careful!
  11. Just ordered some El Fumo - looking forward to trying it!
  12. Just seen that it will be next Saturday.
  13. @Little Fin Coffee Roasterywhen are you next roasting? Thanks
  14. Welcome to the forum. You have picked an excellent place to pick up lots of tips!
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