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  1. Just to point out that it is nearly 8 years old.
  2. Hi flatwh8. I’m looking to get a Mignon too but not sure of the model to get. The basic model from BB looks interesting but I see that Myespresso are selling the Mk2 model at £279, Matt black version, so only £40 more. Don’t know what the warranty period is. Do you know what the difference is between the Mk2 and the new basic version?
  3. So maybe the basic version is best & weigh the ground coffee before putting it in the filter basket?
  4. I’m considering the Specialita but wonder how long the LCD screen will last before failing. Fine if it’s in the first 2 years but can these parts be replaced after this? Alternatively I could go for the Manuale Basic at £239 which would give a similar grind result, although the burrs are slightly smaller. I guess this works as just off and on with no timer? I’m finding it tough to make a decision!
  5. Hi - What model is it please? I might be interested. Thanks
  6. I’m after one myself but there don’t seem to be many on offer at the moment. I’ve seen 1 on eBay at £175 but that’s collection only from Edinburgh - they may post but I’ve not asked to be fair. I can’t see any on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Bella Barista are doing the Eureka Mignon Manual for £239 which may be of interest?
  7. Just bought my son a used iPhone 7 Plus from Mazuma. I’ve not used them before but the phone was in good condition and comes with one years warranty and I would probably use them again.
  8. Great - hope you can now make a decent brew!
  9. From what I have read elsewhere on the forum if the power cable comes out of the side of the casing it is a pre-2002 model. I can’t really tell from the photos if this is the case with your model. If it is early 2000’s I was really looking for a more recent model, although yours does look in good shape.
  10. Tempted by this if it’s still available?
  11. I can’t see the model year sticker in the photos - has it got one? Thanks.
  12. Ok - thought it was worth checking!
  13. Guessing this had now been sold? Thanks
  14. I followed the Whole Latte Cafe video which recommended letting the solution stand in the boiler for 15 minutes before flushing through. I would try de scaling again before you resort to stripping it down.
  15. Once I took the lid off my Classic I thought it best to leave well alone - it was so clean inside & no sign of any issues. I did change the steam wand thermostat as I can’t seem to froth milk effectively so thought I would swap this part & discount this as an issue. Guess it’s just my technique!
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