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  1. I totally agree. This solution is very elaborate. Costs and time make only sense if you are very in love with the Rancilio. You already get a Lelit with PID for a quite reasonable price.?
  2. Hi Friuli, i keep my fingers crossed for you too. It's some kind of gambling. Maybe it is a good sign that the shipping takes a little time, so he doesn't just resend some returned faulty PIDs. You never know. I'm also from Germany and here is a new "player" on the PID sector - as you surely know - http://rancilio-pid.de/. An open DIY project. I talked to one of the developer and he was very confident that a pure PID without any other functionality could be accomplished very easily. Knowing my skill set i still prefer mecoffee or even Auber, which is functional but so ugly, that a can't do t
  3. I'm happy for you and admire you're courage ? . As i stated before, there is still some little spark of "just have some b... and go for it" in me. I just have to convince myself. Wrote Jan a few weeks ago about my interest and my worries. As you can image i got no response. No "Don't worry i'm on track, you'll get a good product for your money." nor a "Yes, i'm still struggeling". Maybe no response is also a response. Not sure.
  4. I'm interested in the meCoffee pid. Reading many posts of unsatisfied users makes me wonder if it would be a wise decision though. I don't think Jan is a fraud but when you buy a product you expect it to work properly. It took you 3 goes to get a reliable one ... Yes, that's a sign for some kind of support but sadly also a sign for poor quality management. I'm the last person who wouldn't understand personal problems. Looking at his website and the github files you see that there is no update. Old posts, old files. I wonder if Jan really is developing the mecoffee pid business any further or n
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