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  1. Hi everyone, My machine has developed an issue I can’t seem to overcome. The extraction starts after about 6 seconds and then after running normally for a 2-3 seconds it then just drips... and drips... and drips.... I am grinding in my Eureka Mignon, weighing to one decimal place, using a levelling tool and then tamping. It’s a method I have practised and almost perfected now! It did this with both Has Bean Jailbreak and now Peyton and Byrne Speciality Espresso... Any help much appreciated....
  2. I’m not sure Temperature Surfing will helps the issue of taste as the shots are pulled first not straight after steaming my milk. As I pull shots first I don’t see why the temperature would be such a big issue? i think I should start by getting my grinder dialled in first, aiming for that 16g in 32g out with an extraction time of 27-29s (Roughly 60ml by volume)
  3. I do not temperature surf. Machine has usually been on for 20 minutes Weigh everything in and out for consistency. Think I neednew scales. Anyone got any recommendations. I tightened the grind this morning and used 16grams.Basically nothing came through. So its now too fine I think. Should be aiming for around 16-17g and 28 seconds? Coffee is was roasted in last month or less, think 25/04/19.I always get it about 5-7 days after roasting. Can someone recommend good scales
  4. Newbie post. I got a Rancilio Silvia in January and I'm starting to fall out of love with it. Its a V3 without a PID. I can't pull a good shot that anything like what I'm happy with. I have worked in several half decent coffee shops on various machines with joy! So on to the process.. I've got a Eureka Mignon grinder which is dialled just about as fine as it will go without getting those little pebbles. I weigh, time and double check everything to the point of obsession (its not fun). It always seems to run fast (sub 20's for 60ml) or really really slow (1 min for 60ml) I cannot find a happy medium. The coffee is Taylor Street Barista's Bechmark Espresso (not to be confused with Taylors of Harrogate) its really good coffee. Their own shots - amazing, mine- sour. I aim for 18g's in the basket, but I find when I put this much in and tamp it properly the coffee makes contact with the brew head and its ruined.. (I often find the portafilter difficult to get into the group head when its got coffee in, when its empty its fine) - anyone else find this. If you put less in it just runs very fast indeed. Crema's often really thin as well. Any help much appreciated! Also - if anyone can recommend some accurate scales that would be great. thx
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