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  1. by no means an expert on this but from reading things here sounded like the entire range had an upgrade in 2018, and the basic model is just the one without the timer..
  2. @catpuccino did the ebay buyer ask you to ship to central london????
  3. @Hindsight i might hold off to see if there is a Mignon Specilitia popping out, otherwise might just go for a new basic version from BB... but thanks again for the heads up here and good luck with the sale.
  4. @hindsight - thanks will have a look!
  5. @joey24dirt thank you!
  6. just looking at blue star -- in addition to a bottomless portafilter what else would you get???
  7. Hi guys, Just bought a la pavoni pro from coffeechap so it's time to look for a grinder to go with it! due to space limit, my preference would be a Mignon. I can see a new Mignon Manuale Basic is going for 239, but thought I'd check if anyone is keen to unload a used on here. also happy to look at other alternatives...
  8. hey thanks guys! didn't expect this many replies and havent been tracking the forum that well. But yep, point taken and I will definitely check out the used ones.
  9. welcome. i have the same question! caffeitalia seem to have competitive prices but comments here have put me off.
  10. Good info and a great place for newbies!
  11. flatwh8


    hello all, new to the forum and coffee in general and just wanted to say hi. London based and come across this site when looking for info on La Pavoni. I am still trying to figure out what's the best way to achieve it (buy new? second hand etc etc).
  12. hi guys, first post here. I've decided to go for a new Europiccola, and have seen them going at about GBP380 on some websites (my espresso, caffeeitalia), though have read here on the poor reputation of both. Wonder if anyone can advise on what's the best place to buy a new europiccola? the machine is a lot cheaper in Europe by the look fo it, any chance of a European shipping deal? apologies in advance if this has already been covered by other posts..
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