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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. I hadn't realised the Rocky grinder wasn't quite a leap ahead over the Barista Express' built-in one!
  2. Hi there! This is my first post here! This week I plan on purchasing a Barista Express machine, however after looking around the forums, it seems that the built-in grinder is causing an issue for some. My question is this; I have a Rancilio Rocky grinder that I've owned from new for 5+ years. Am I better off using that grinder alongside a Duo Temp Pro OR just going for an all-one-solution like the Barista Express? I like the pressure dial on the Barista Express, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra expenditure for that alone. I've had my heart set on the Barista Express, but having seen people's comments on the grinder letting it down, it made me wonder if I would be better off with my Rocky grinder to take care of grinding. Or am I just over-thinking all of this and the grinder is perfectly fine in the Barista Express? Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance! Ps. I know there are other great machines out there, but I'm only interested in either of these two Sage products.
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