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  1. I'm interested in buying your Gene Cafe roaster ! Unfortunately I'm not able to come and collect it in person since I'm out of the country for the winter season. So can I trust you about the condition ? Also is it possible to ship it to my dropbox address at Guildford, Surrey ? I can pay you with PayPal or Revolut including the shipping tax. Cheers...
  2. Just send you a private message about the Gene Cafe roaster !
  3. Gimoka Minimoka is a nice small grinder, check it out !
  4. Unfortunately Jan is a one man army and I can understand that it's hard to handle all the stuff around the project.
  5. Make sure your grouphead screen is clean ! I suggest you to unscrew it and clean all the parts. This may help you avoid heavy channeling.
  6. You can also try the naked portafilter for even better visual experience !
  7. The guys at CombinaBar just rocks !
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