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  1. Funnily enough, I'm also in the market for a blender for smoothies mainly, maybe the odd soup. Which seem to recommend Sage, and the Nutri-Bullets also seem to get a good write up - anyone have any experience of these? In the absence of anyone crowd-funding a Niche attachment 😆 that refurb Magimix looked good value, might warrant further investigation. My last one was a £30 Daewoo with a glass jug, which still is on the web - was perfectly functional. until the jug cracked! Might just get another one of those, and put the cash towards a PID!
  2. All sorted. OPV took a bit of persuasion to turn - heating the machine up helped. Early days, but think I've detected an improvement in crema and mouth-feel. Less chanelling too. Props to @jaffro for sending, and for recommending going down to 6 bar. Decided to stick with the standard 9 for now, and experiment with other variables. @holidayinn, let me know your address.
  3. Work flow for the Niche is as simple as it comes. Unless you aren't single dosing. In which case get a big burr ex commercial with a hopper. There's nothing I'd have loved more, but I'm not sure my other half would have been quite so accommodating! For those with the space, I can see your point😀 In all seriousness, the Classic + Mignon set-up fits quite nicely in the corner of my kitchen. This accounts for c. 25% of worktop, and having space to cook food is also nice...
  4. Hey Picalilli, good questions. Imo, it doesn't get a lot more intuitive , the touchscreen interface is pretty idiot-proof. Once dialled in, I'm actually finding the stepless adjustment rather useful for making small adjustments to the grind. I would imagine it provides far more resolution than a stepped set-up. The only drawback is the multiple turns of the dial needed to go between espresso and filter settings (not sure if you're planning to do that, but something to bear in mind.) Haven't noticed any retention issues (not that I've run any experiments or anything!). Believe it to be pretty minimal, but no doubt the Niche is superior. Like you, I'm a lazy bastard and was hoping to dispense with the weighing step. However, as mentioned by other posters, the timer isn't super accurate, so I've ended up weighing the coffee post grinding. Hoping that once I've got my technique down, and coffee dialled in I'll be able to dispense with that step. I'll leave it to others more qualified to comment on whether it represents value vs a new Niche/used old Mignon/etc. The Sette looked super sexy, but the more I read about the reliability the more scared I got (maybe concerns have been overblown?!)
  5. Running a TP-link here too. Seems to be running nice and reliably (touch wood). Has a two year warranty too, provided me with a bit more confidence than some of the lesser known brands from an electrical safety pov.
  6. Hi all - newbie here. Just registering, have been lurking for a few weeks and found the forum very useful. After moving in with my GF, I need to invest in some vaguely decent espresso equipment. I previously taken serious advantage of my old housemate's La Pavonia -great fun, but results were mixed (in a large part due to operator inadequacies!). Bit torn atm - heart says a used Gaggia Classic, but head a Sage Barista Pro. The Sage looks like a nice package, more compact (worktop space is a concern), and have a suspicion would be more forgiving - however, I think I'd enjoy the scope for tinkering/experimentation with the Classic. Bit concerned about worktop space - for the Gaggia option, would be nice to minimise the footprint of the grinder - something compact ( Ta Paul
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