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  1. Thanks David, PM sent!
  2. Espressoshop has a cheaper kit, but without the brass shower plate. The brass plate is a sensible upgrade if your current plate is worn. The fact it doesn't dissolve under normal usage has to count for something, and the cost difference vs a new alu one is negligible. You've seen the debate about thermodynamics, you can take it or leave it, but note that Gaggia commercial machines use brass for this part and as already discussed E63 groups are brass heavy. Whether that will translate into a meaningful difference in the cup I guess is open to question.
  3. A kilo or so of "kopi luwak" beans, unwanted gift. Authenticity and quality unknown, hence recommend this is used for seasoning grinders. I'll stick it in the post if anyone wants it.
  4. Well done @MildredM, personally I think the right call was made. Those looking for an alternative venue to exercise their freedom of speech might want to check out Pistonheads, another UK based interest group forum with an interesting politics setion.
  5. Another vote for the Wusthof Classic here - the Gaggia Classic of knives! I went a a round this loop a few months ago and after much indecision finally settled on the Classic Ikon, which are bolsterless and hence should be easier to sharpen. Worth considering.
  6. Great setup Glen, very impressed 👍
  7. You've bought it all on yourself mate, with your arrogance and general rude and disrespectful behaviour. Please take accountability for your actions.
  8. I think this forum is getting trolled, quite successfully.
  9. As they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...
  10. Seconded. I think there's potential for a YouTube channel in this, expresso machine based gastronomy.
  11. 2cups

    BBC Tv Licence

    I actually agree with most of the criticism levelled here, but there's such a thing as throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In other news. The BBC is one of the UK's most predominant sources of soft power.. as we move towards our glorious future as a fully sovereign independent trading nation I'd suggest the reach provided by the BBC, World Service included will only become more important.
  12. 2cups

    BBC Tv Licence

    Fair point. If you're happy getting your news from the Telegraph, Guardian, Murdoch Papers, RT, Mail, etc then fair enough. I'm more than happy paying a few quid to get a semi decent source of news in this day and age. Yes, the BBC isn't perfect, but the alternatives are worse. Sky News is alright, but I suspect quality would decrease without a publicly funded competitor. Yes, the entertainment output is perhaps more open to debate, especially in the age of Netflix etc. Having said that, I think it's good to have a base of UK commissioned programmes, if left to the private sector output would inevitably be weighted heavily in favour of US imports. Some great factual output from the BBC in recent years, which probably wouldn't have seen the light of day otherwise.
  13. I'd have thought the caffeine content of a drink is going to be dependent on the brew ratio and method of preparation. So any sort of labelling would have limited value to consumers. While I suspect the amount of coffee I drink is going to have a impact on my heart at some point down the line, the safety risk pales in comparison to what I'm exposed to from my non-PSSR compliant OPV modded classic. Just something I've got to live with...
  14. Guys, I think the steam wand is a bit of a red herring. 18g of Birds powder in the portafilter, target 25-30s shot time. Job done. Thank me later.
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