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  1. Another happy customer! The kit is excellent, with all required materials provided and excellent instructions. The aforementioned advice to print and read beforehand is reccomended! I fitted the temperature probe with the boiler in situ, the brave/lazy choice, but not too challenging. Had a very minor issue with one of the wires, but MrShades resolved the issue immediately. I've gone with the butt hinge install too, as my setup is a little cramped. I used the adhesive strip provided as a pad on the bottom of the pid enclosure. Think it looks pretty pro, even though I say so myself 👌 As for the coffee in the cup, I noticed a immediate improvement. Glad I didn't hold off on doing this.
  2. 2cups

    Mattress Help

    Was in the market for one last year, absolute minefield imo. You have a choice of doing the rounds of the retailers, and sprawling yourself awkwardly over showroom mattresses trying to make a immediate judgement on endless models. Or buying blind from the 'bed in a box' (Emma, Eve, Simba, Leesa, or many of the other similarly named firms that can be seen advertised on the tube), based on reviews or recommendations (though some do have mattresses in stores to try, ie, John Lewis stock Simba). While I'm personally a big fan of memory foam, for me the jury is out on whether these guys are the future or box shifters with good web design and marketing budget. These permanently seem to be on sale, make of that what you will... I found the articles on https://johnryanbydesign.co.uk/ quite eye opening. Might be worth a look at their range, they have clearance section too. In the end we ended up with a pocket sprung model from Bensons, and managed to haggle a small discount.
  3. Just claimed via PM by @MartinB
  4. Funnily enough, I'm also in the market for a blender for smoothies mainly, maybe the odd soup. Which seem to recommend Sage, and the Nutri-Bullets also seem to get a good write up - anyone have any experience of these? In the absence of anyone crowd-funding a Niche attachment 😆 that refurb Magimix looked good value, might warrant further investigation. My last one was a £30 Daewoo with a glass jug, which still is on the web - was perfectly functional. until the jug cracked! Might just get another one of those, and put the cash towards a PID!
  5. All sorted. OPV took a bit of persuasion to turn - heating the machine up helped. Early days, but think I've detected an improvement in crema and mouth-feel. Less chanelling too. Props to @jaffro for sending, and for recommending going down to 6 bar. Decided to stick with the standard 9 for now, and experiment with other variables. @holidayinn, let me know your address.
  6. Work flow for the Niche is as simple as it comes. Unless you aren't single dosing. In which case get a big burr ex commercial with a hopper. There's nothing I'd have loved more, but I'm not sure my other half would have been quite so accommodating! For those with the space, I can see your point😀 In all seriousness, the Classic + Mignon set-up fits quite nicely in the corner of my kitchen. This accounts for c. 25% of worktop, and having space to cook food is also nice...
  7. Hey Picalilli, good questions. Imo, it doesn't get a lot more intuitive , the touchscreen interface is pretty idiot-proof. Once dialled in, I'm actually finding the stepless adjustment rather useful for making small adjustments to the grind. I would imagine it provides far more resolution than a stepped set-up. The only drawback is the multiple turns of the dial needed to go between espresso and filter settings (not sure if you're planning to do that, but something to bear in mind.) Haven't noticed any retention issues (not that I've run any experiments or anything!). Believe it to be pretty minimal, but no doubt the Niche is superior. Like you, I'm a lazy bastard and was hoping to dispense with the weighing step. However, as mentioned by other posters, the timer isn't super accurate, so I've ended up weighing the coffee post grinding. Hoping that once I've got my technique down, and coffee dialled in I'll be able to dispense with that step. I'll leave it to others more qualified to comment on whether it represents value vs a new Niche/used old Mignon/etc. The Sette looked super sexy, but the more I read about the reliability the more scared I got (maybe concerns have been overblown?!)
  8. Running a TP-link here too. Seems to be running nice and reliably (touch wood). Has a two year warranty too, provided me with a bit more confidence than some of the lesser known brands from an electrical safety pov.
  9. Bella Barista kindly supplied these beans with my new grinder, which I didn't end up using. Free for anyone who wants to season a grinder. Pick up in London (or paypal me postage).
  10. I read the dire warnings around citric dissolving aluminium, and did it anyway. It took quite a strong concentration to shift the scale on my boiler but didn't seem to do any harm to the machine. Normal safety warning applies - keep an eye on anything left in acid (overnight soaking probably not recommended). And depending on your appetite for bodily injury, safety glasses and gloves could be a plan.
  11. I've just been through this fun problem solving exercise with a 2004 machine. Heat, penetrating oil, and extending allen keys with spanner (there's a video on YouTube) got me there on 3 out of 4 of the bolts. I ended up rounding the head of the last bolt (whoops). Was left with no choice but to cut the head off with a Dremel (tricky). Then with more penetrating oil, and lots of persuasion with a screwdriver/hammer I managed to prise the two halves apart. Turned out that a mixture of scale/rust had acted to bond the shaft of the bolt to the boiler. Good luck, hopefully yours won't be in as poor a state!
  12. After I graduated I was looking for a part time job for a bit of pocket money prior to buggering off backpacking (thanks credit crunch...). Had the pleasure of interviewing at both Costa and Starbucks. The interviewer at Costa was keen to stress that I'd be clearing tables and restocking the drinks - said they took the coffee rather seriously, and only trained batistas were let near the machines. When I asked the lady at Starbucks if I'd be making coffee as a bloke off the street... 'yeah, it's dead easy, you just push the button'. Needless to say, my career in the fast paced world of coffee retail did not take off... I ended up stacking shelves at Sainsbury's 😭
  13. Yeah, after a few weeks with the Mignon, can completely see where you're coming from. Still like the convenience of a hopper, not sure I'm ready for the Niche work flow yet...
  14. @jaffro, that would be great thanks. No massive rush, quite busy here too. I'll drop you a pm with my address.
  15. @jaffro, would be great to have it when you're done. New List: 1: Bullit 2: jaffro 3: 2cups
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