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  1. Hi everyone, I'm just curious, what is the purpose of the screw on top of the grouphead? Could it be used to monitor temperature, or maybe pressure? Temperature is already assessed/managed by MeCoffee, I wouldn't go as far as monitoring the delta with groupehead temperature. On the other hand, I'm considering adding a pressure gauge. I don't want to place the measurement between pump and OPV, as it only measure the OPV setting. I am considering measuring on the steam pipe, I could monitor a manual pre-infusion by the use of steam knob... Or maybe this grouphead screw? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Stetran, Sorry to hear your story. I'm running a MeCoffee on my Silvia as well, and when running the steam at 135c, temperature oftenly overshoots at 140c without consequences. I doubt the heat damaged your electrical cables. But they can easily be replaced. I can mention, it once happend to me that after steaming (and switch off the steam button), the brewing temp remained at 135c rather than going back to 101c. On/Off the Silvia fixed it. If it's just the switches, it would be great - it costs nothing. Check it using a multimeter. Since you mention black marks on the main socket, I am more concerned over your heating element. Was your boiler full upon testing? Did you check it? I read before you can check the heating element using the multimeter, but I can't remember the details... Good luck and keep us posted
  3. Hi Everyone, A newbie in the espresso world, I thought I would join this post rather than creating my own as it's following the same purpose - a better espresso quality. My setup: -Rancilio Silvia 2008 (v2) (i got it for free with a dead boiler, which I fixed and thoroughly cleaned the rest of the machine), installed a meCofee PID, running at 98c without any other options so far. -Rancilio Rocky grinder 2008, just changed the burrs - although not convinced it was necessary, but well. Still have clumps. -Locally (Singapore) roasted coffee beans, quite nice when tried at other's, but too sour here. - I use a 16g and a 21g baskets, both from Rancilio. Always carefully weighed, although I accept ~0.3g variation (not so fussy). I try to be careful about filling basket, equalizing and tamping consistency. I believe I have little or no channeling issues. - I think I have found the right grinding setting etc ie brewing time 25s for 2:1 ratio, usually 30s+ for 3:1 ratio. I've tried to adjust the ratio only so far, with very low success. Mouthfeel is good, oily and thick espresso. What would you recommend me to adjust, which first setting should I attempt to tune, to go for nicer espressos? - For temperature, I have followed recommandation from this forum as well, so far I have not reached the "burnt coffee" taste of too hot espresso. - I have no ways of monitoring temperature for now... so I'd like to check all the rest before I go for pressure gauge etc Please let me know your opinion, ideas and eventual corrections on the way I do things... And have a great day with a great cup of coffee! Thank you very much for your help
  4. Hello everyone, just received & installed the mecoffee. A feedback with some recommandation (I guess creator must be reading this sometimes). 1) purchased on April 4th, shipped on April 16th, received May 3rd. Considering Netherland to Singapore via normal post, it's acceptable. 2) Installation; the online manual is clearly too basic, simple pictures are really missing. Recommandation for creator; It needs more pictures step-by-step. 3) Issue one; the green blinking LED. It took me an eternity to see it! It's a tiny one on the right of microcontroller chip, and the intensity of the light is minimal compared to the red power light. Major scare here, followed with App/Bluetooth issues. Recommandation; Indicate its location, or change the LED for the next batch. 4) iOS App issue (but it's certainly known to the mecoffee creator considering the above posts); iOS app "not available in my country", alternative iOS app "uBarista" could only read the measurement, but wouldn't let me access settings. So nevermind the iPad... for now? I think it's a critical issue. I choose BTLE for item's longer life-lasting (or compatibility with future smartphones/tables). 5) I switched to Android, and could not connect (LG G6+); "the device rejected you pairing request"! I still could install the meBarista app. After tweaking, as in disabling the normal BT and activating the BTLE, it worked like a charm. still not visible in Bluetooth devices though. Recommandation for creator; make one single setting switch for either "classic" bluetooth or bluetooth LE in the app, indicate it on installation manual. 6) Issue two; there was a cable mismatch ; the 2 white cables were incorrect (the shorter one had a male+female connector, but not the longer one that's required for pre-infusion). I had to sacrifice the last option (timer), which is no big deal for me. But it really doesn't help! Recommandation for creator; A checklist of all cables as we start to set it. Also, would you leave them attached together with the cable tie, or should you remove it? batch#1 I left it, batch#2 I had to remove it. A bit confusing. Conclusion, it's now working, and I am playing with the settings happily. It's very ingenious pcb, but end user friendliness was sacrified. Luckily it's my line of work (electronics/piping/PID/etc), but it's a pity that such a great product can make buyers disappointed due to minor things.
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