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  1. I went for a Gaggia Classic + Separate Grinder in the end.
  2. Is it possible to get a code please?
  3. Hi! Also new here, and this machine was on my shortlist too. I decided to go for a different machine, but interested to find out how a fellow newbie gets on with the sage!
  4. jenic

    Hello from York

    It seems that way, choosing a grinder is harder than choosing a machine! I am thinking of getting a Hario manual grinder to keep me going while I pick a proper grinder. I'm looking at the Iberital MC2 at the moment though, looks good for the price.
  5. I've been lurking for a while on the forums, I've just bought a Classic Coffee from gaggiamanualservice, does this differ in any way from the classic?
  6. jenic

    Hello from York

    Thanks I've gone for a refurbished one from gaggiamanualservice, who seems to be recommended on here too I've noticed. Excited to get it, now shopping for a grinder!
  7. Hi, Just joined to get some more information on Gaggia machines, hoping to pick up a classic soon! Mike
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