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  1. i think its a 18g basket that came with the machine. ive tried 18 g aswell as 16 g but im still not getting any results what faults could it be with the grinder? what temperature does everyone else have there machines set to? what are your tamping methods?
  2. well the crema looks very pale in colour in my opinion but it just tastes very bitter and not very nice, this is after adding a little milk and hot water. how much bedding in do you think the grinder burrs will need? do you think 95degrees sounds about right? what do all you guys have your machines set at? i think its an 18g basket so i have also tried using 18g of coffee but the results are no better.
  3. possibly, what is seasoning?
  4. its steampunk coffee, but i am also getting the same bad results with other types of coffee. what should the PID be set to? 90?
  5. No, if i adjust the grinder setting to be slightly finer i seem to not manage to get it to a nice grind. it seems to be either too fine or too course?
  6. hello, I cannot get a good cup of coffee from my gaggia classic. i have a mazzer mini type A with brand new burrs and ive cleaned and serviced the whole thing. the gaggia coffee machine has been fitted with a pressure gauge, PID and a auto timer. I have the temperature at 95 degrees C and the pressure at 9 bars and i was trying to adjust the grinder so i could get 16g of coffee with a yield of 32g into the cup, this either happens at like 19 seconds or it seems like the coffee is too fine and would take all day to get the 32grams into the cup. what am i doing wrong, as my results are consistently bad! i have seen a guy with a similar set up but with the machine set at 6 bars? Please please help me as im loosing the will to live with his little project!
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