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  1. Thanks for that El carajillo. I have had a look at that post. It does pretty much exactly what I would like to do. After removing the bolt in the shower screen, I noticed that it was a custom one that is already designed for a countersunk hole so it can be directly replaced with an appropriate size screw so there is no need for any machining of the jet breaker and modifying the basket. A replacement screw is on the way, along with a nanotechnology IMS shower screen.
  2. Hi All, after having some problems with my barista express, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to my first heat exchanger, the Oscar 2. First impressions are good but it’s going to take me some time to get used to the new machine. One thing that I have noticed initially is the group head screw. It is a hex bolt with a groove in it for a flat head screwdriver. This means it stands quite proud of the shower screen and makes an indentation in the coffee puck. Has anyone else with an Oscar 2 noticed this and is there a flush replacement for it? I don’t think the bolt head putting a
  3. Hi, unfortunately I have been waiting almost a month for the parts to arrive so i haven’t been able to test it and see what 1.5 turns did. It’s getting very frustrating waiting for parts for such a long time. On a separate note, what do you use to home roast your beans?
  4. When I tried 3 full turns on my machine, the valve actually came out of the housing. To be safe, I’m going to try 1.5 turns and see where that gets me.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I have dealt with electronics and electrical projects before so I’m taking the same precautions. I will definitely give the OPV adjustment a try. The reason that I have my machine apart at the minute is because I have been getting water leaking out the top of the porta filter during extraction. I replaced the seal and it made no difference. So I’m replacing the locking ring and shower head. Unfortunately to replace that, the mounting plate (that has the pump, solenoid etc mounted to it) needs to be lifted up.
  6. This looks very interesting. I currently have my BE is bits at the moment for a repair and think it might be worth trying this OPV adjustment while it’s apart. Were your 3 counter clockwise turns full 360 or 1/2 turns etc? How did you test the maximum pressure when the machine was still disassembled? Doesn’t the hopper switch need to be activated for the machine to operate?
  7. I have now pretty much made up my mind to upgrade to a NS Oscar II. The sage had been good at getting me into the world of espresso but with everything that has happened recently, it’s time to upgrade. I am considering selling the barista express, and accessories, as a faulty machine requiring repair/spare parts. I have got two milk pitchers, one brand new, two sets of all baskets, 3 PFs, one bottom less, IMS basket and shower screen, motta tamper and levelling tool. Would there be any interest in this? was thinking of £100. Easily spent more than this on the accessories alone
  8. How much would you sell the dual boiler + accessories for?
  9. It may be correct that the group has become damaged from the mods. I have removed the extra shower screen and used the original basket for all of the testing since the problem has arisen and it hasn’t made any difference. The extra basket lip height didn’t seem to cause any significant excess pressure when locking the Portafilter into the group. But it may have done. There isn’t enough information from anyone else about this causing the issues I have experienced despite a number we of people using these for longer than I have. To be safe, I would suggest avoiding making the changes. But unfort
  10. Update: The group gasket has now been replaced for a new one direct from sage’s German parts supplier. Unfortunately, the problem still persists. This, in my opinion suggests that it is going to be a fairly big job replacing the group head. I have had a quote from Coffee Classics, sage’s recommended repair company, for £28/half hour for diagnosis and repair (not including parts. In my opinion, it may not be worth the money to repair as I have been considering the upgrade for a while. Maybe to a HX machine. Has anyone dealt with Coffee Classics before? Are they good/bad/expe
  11. Update: The machine can no longer run an extraction without the water leaking out the top of the portafilter. When this occurs, the silicone gasket actually starts force out of the group. I would replace the gasket, or ‘steam ring’ as sage refer to it, but they are out of stock on their site. Looks like I will have to contact them on Monday. How much have others paid for sage to repair a BE? The machine is now out of the original warranty, which they state, includes any repairs made in this time.
  12. Hi everyone, As some of you may know from my previous posts, I have been using the IMS basket and secondary shower screen for a few months now. For double shots I always use the La Spaz IMS baskets. But as the secondary shower screen makes the sage single basket unusable, I use the sage double and pull a ristretto In place of a single (usually for family). I have noticed recently that the gasket had started leaking when using the standard sage baskets. I originally thought it was due to the rim of the IMS baskets sitting more proud than the standard sage ones. This might have stresse
  13. Thank you both for the advice, I will try cleaning the mechanism to see if that might be causing it. Ouch! That does sound like a problem.
  14. Hi All, don’t know if anyone else has had this but my portafilter has started to gradually rotate itself, as if to undo it, mid pour. It’s not causing a problem yet but I feel if it does ever come out with, what should be, 9 bar of pressure behind it, it would cause a lot of damage to anything under it and make for a long clean up. Any ideas to what might cause this? the machine isn’t very old after sage replaced it from a separate issue in January. I am fairly certain that they sent a brand new machine out so I would be supported if it is just ‘wear and tear’ that has caused it
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