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  1. Yes my understanding is that tea just gradually looses it's flavour rather than 'expiring'. It's a slower process than coffee. I've had tea leaves longer than a year and had no issues. A quick google suggests that if it gets moist then it can go mouldy etc... but that black tea can be expected to last 12-18months, but stored is 'foil' conditions i can last years.
  2. I can't advise on espresso scales as I brew via drip filter. But when making up my mind on which scales to buy I think the important thing is to work out what you want them to do, which sounds a bit funny really. Do you just want a weight reading, if so to what accuracy? How important is immediate response time? Do you want a timer on them? do you want a 'smart scale' and if so what features, what's the software like for your phone? What about durability of the build quality? For me I just wanted a timer and a accuracy down to 0.1g and so spending the extra money on 'smart scales' didn't seem worth it. I bought the Hario Drip Scales online and they do all I want them to do and they do it well. However, I wouldn't buy them again as they feel quite light and 'plasticy' which makes me think they may not be very durable. I've had no problems with them as of yet (used for about 1 month) and so I may be completely wrong about their durability, but what can I say I thought they'd have a bit more weight to them. In terms of a company to buy from I've found that Horsham Coffee are very competitive on price for hardware, the scales I bought were £50 compared to £60 at various other companies, service was also very good. Hope that helps. Gareth
  3. I once bought a £22 Hawaiian from Hasbean because they gave me a 50% voucher, so was £11. Really liked them, but i'm sure it was down to mind games telling me they should be fantastic. Wouldn't buy them again unless I got another discount voucher.
  4. Two Chimps do them... https://twochimpscoffee.com/product-category/coffee-samples/
  5. Yes, i've settled on the 2nd ones the loose pack, they seem to work well for me and I can source them locally so that's always nice.
  6. Here's the promised video... Hopefully it's helpful, not suggesting i'm a pro in any way, just found what works for me. Gareth
  7. here's my preferred recipe at the min... 18:300 brew (15g coffee, total 250ml water) 1. 30g bloom for 30 seconds, dig & wiggle (TW 30g) 2. at 30 seconds add 55g, spiral (TW 85g) 3. at 1 min add 55g, spiral (TW 140g) 4. at 1:30 add 55g, straight down the middle (TW 195g) 5. at 2 mins add last 55g, down the middle (TW 250g) 6. swirl and tap I think this was from a very helpful post by @MWJB, who is awesome.
  8. Hi @meelypops I also use a Comandante C40 and have V60 as my prime brew method. Lots of good advice on this forum so do look around. One thing I've come to find is that I was grinding to fine to start with (around 16 to 20 clicks on the Comandante). I now grind for V60 at around 26 to 27 clicks as a starting point. This may vary depending upon the bean, but seems to be a good starting point. In terms of water temp, not sure exactly. I have a process which I follow each time to ensure a similar water temp, by which I warm up my (non-electric) Gooseneck kettle and then replace that water from the electric kettle. So at a guess it's been off boil for approximately 30 seconds. I'll try to post a video in the next day or so. Gareth
  9. Also, I would have presumed that a shallower bed of coffee would require more careful brewing and would therefore make a gooseneck kettle more important for this brewer. Presumably the shape would negatively affect a swirl? I don't know. Keeps things interesting I suppose. Gareth
  10. An interesting choice to go for Bamboo, given the German study that suggested SOME bamboo products leech dangerous chemicals at higher (brewing) temperatures. I understand that this has been contested, and if anything it seems like it's down to some manufacturers using cheaper resins to bind the bamboo. But as I don't know how they've built the product (i.e. which resin and if that's safe) it would put me off buying, i'm surprised they haven't given options of materials (like V60 do).
  11. Coffee arrived today, looking forward to trying it after it's rested. Thanks again for your help.
  12. Thanks all, very helpful, have gone ahead and placed an order... Will let you know how it turns out.
  13. Hi All, I've bought from Cartwheel Coffee before and never had any issues with them, excellent coffee, one of my go to coffee places. I went online to put in an order today and received a warning from my browser (see below image). So I thought i'd give them a call direct to check if there's any issues and the number that I have called them on before which is the number shown on google (0115 959 8434) will not go through and comes up as an incorrect number. Does anyone know if there's any problems with Cartwheel Coffee, are they still trading? Or is it just me who's had a one off issue today. Thanks, Gareth
  14. ok, thanks both very much, that's great.
  15. Hi All, I primarily use the following recipe for v60 brews... 15g coffee... 250ml total water -Initial 30ml 30second flush -At 30secs add 55ml water, spiral pour, swirl v60 once poured. -At 60secs add 55ml water, spiral pour. -At 190secs add 55ml water, pour down middle -At 120secs add 55ml water, pour down middle, swirl v60 once poured. I'm interested in making a larger brew when I have a friend who wants a brew, currently I make two 250ml brews. Does anyone have a good recipe that has an output of around 500ml? Thanks Gareth
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