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  1. Two new coffees arrived for me from Black Cat a couple of weeks ago... look at the difference in bean size Guatemala on the left, Nicaragua on the right... I decided to brew up the Nicaragua today, sorry for the blurry grind size photo... brewing happily and enjoying the matching mug and v60... First brew with this bean so not got the grind size right yet, but a nice coffee, initially quite acidic/bitter, so would probably try brewing a bit coarser next time to see what happens. But a sweet aftertaste and clean feel. Thank you @Black Cat
  2. I wonder what the retail will be, interesting part of the hobby to try new things.
  3. An interesting video from Hoffmann in relation to Yemenia coffee...
  4. @Mpbradford great question, I would definitely pay extra for recyclable package, doesn't have to be completely green, but should be recyclable. In fact in 3 years of buying coffee online, the only time I have contacted a seller with anything near a complaint was do to unrecyclable packaging. My understanding is that many coffee pouches can be recycled with the plastic bags in supermarkets.
  5. Looking forward to trying this month's subscription arrival...
  6. Yes I have. I prefer the Rwanda, that's not a criticism of the Kenya, I think that's just down to the type of coffee that I really like (citrus/fruity/floral). With that said the Kenyan is very good too. The description on the pack... 'Rounded body with bright acidity' matches it perfectly. So, if you're looking for a nice full bodied coffee (not dark or bitter though) with a bit of a 'zing' at the end ('lemon zest'?) then give it a go.
  7. Hi All, I posted the other day in the 'postie' section to say I received the below order from Black Cat (see photo). Well a quick update, I opened the bag of Rwanda Kinini Peaberry (a natural) today and first things first, the aroma that hit me was awesome. I would describe it as 'tropical' very fruity indeed. My palate isn't particularly sophisticated, the tasting notes are 'Blueberry, chocolate, lime, peach', and I would certainly say that this is a lovely fruity coffee, not 'berry' fruit, but more citrus/tropical fruit. Here's the link for more detailed info on their w
  8. Yes my mind immediately went to Ethiopians. Unfortunately the ones I've had and enjoyed from various companies (Crankhouse is a fave) are now out of stock. However I found this one from Kiss the Hippo (who have a good reputation).... https://kissthehippo.com/collections/coffee/products/ethiopia-duromina I've not tried it myself, but I would imagine it would fit the bill. Gareth
  9. Excited to see these arrive today...
  10. Nice cup, where did you get it from?
  11. Ordered two bags of Black Cat today, looking forward to trying it. @Black Cat Coffee / @BlackCatCoffee thanks for the discount code.
  12. Could be that the bloom is just getting the grinds evenly wet/saturated within a short time frame which then potentially assists with the flow of water through the coffee bed once the main pour begins, or something similar. I don't know, I just do what i'm told 🙂
  13. I really enjoyed their Burundi Mubuga, have also had their recent offering from Peru which was very nice. Not tried those other two yet though.
  14. Sorry for not replying sooner, i've been trying various brews to see if it made a difference. BREW 1: Firstly my normal brew method... 18:300 brew (15g coffee, total 250ml water) 1. 30g bloom for 30 seconds, dig & wiggle (TW 30g) 2. at 30 seconds add 55g, spiral (TW 85g) 3. at 1 min add 55g, spiral (TW 140g) 4. at 1:30 add 55g, straight down the middle (TW 195g) 5. at 2 mins add last 55g, down the middle (TW 250g) 6. swirl and tap Grind setting on Commendante - 20 which is my default I vary from there depending. For reference this tends
  15. Hi All, I put in my first order with Neighbourhood coffee last week. I decided to go for something different from my normal coffee profile (normally I would go for African coffees, Ethiopian a particular favourite), I think I was inspired by my Craft House Coffee sub which sent me some beans from Peru last week... I would never have chosen these beans but they have been lovely. The bag I got from Neighbourhood Coffee was their Colombia 'A Little Press Conversation' (tasting notes: honeycomb, orange, plum), here's a link... https://www.neighbourhoodcoffee.co.uk/shop/a-little-press
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