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  1. garethuk

    72hr Maceration

    @Jon_Foster always nice to have something a bit different to look forward to, do let us know what you think of them!
  2. garethuk

    72hr Maceration

    @Junglebert let us know what you think of them once you've had a brew. I really like Cartwheel I think their roast is really nice (not too dark for my tastes) and they seem to offer a good variety of beans.
  3. garethuk


    Yes I used Pact for many years and enjoyed their coffees, I think only ever got one I wasn't keen on. Eventually stopped and got another subscription elsewhere only because I fancied a change. Enjoy it!
  4. garethuk

    72hr Maceration

    Yes I had a v60 of it today... I can see the 'cherry liqueur'. Interesting as a one off cup, but wouldn't want to work my way through a whole bag. It's the first coffee I've had processed this way, assuming that's what's made the difference, it's a real eye opener to the impact of processing. It reminds of accidentally brewing a cup of Earl Grey when I was expecting normal breakfast tea... just very different really.
  5. garethuk

    72hr Maceration

    I tried some of this coffee today from Cartwheel Coffee ( https://www.cartwheelcoffee.com/jesus-lemus-leon-organic.html) , it was... Interesting. A very different taste. The process used is 72hrs Maceration (oxygen free environment). Has anyone else tried beans processed in this way?
  6. Yes it wasn't until I started drinking coffee that I realised I could get excited about crockery!
  7. also Campbell and Syme... https://campbellandsyme.co.uk/collections/shop-page/products/adado-ethiopia
  8. Of the companies I use... Hasbean has some... https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/ethiopia-adola-natural Django also... https://www.djangocoffeeco.com/collections/coffee-beans-online-order-coffee-online/products/ethiopia-guji Not tried either of these beans myself though. Gareth
  9. Coffee received today. How exciting!
  10. That is exciting, which kettle is it?
  11. Yes the website says that they roast three times a week, but I guess if they're a smaller producer then they may not roast every bean type three times per week, not sure how it works. Was only a bit worried because previously the beans have come through quickly and I wasn't getting a response. But as you say the coffee is very nice, so not really a problem if it just takes a bit of time to come through. Thanks all.
  12. ok that's good to know. Perhaps it just got delayed for some reason, thanks MWJB and Mildred.
  13. Hi All, I've previously made a couple of orders with Cartwheel Coffee and had no issues. Last Wednesday (7th) I ordered some coffee but haven't yet received it. I've rang a couple of times in the last few days only to get the answer machine but with no response. I just wondered if anyone has any information on whether they've stopped trading? It seems a bit strange to be getting no response from them. Gareth
  14. I bought a grinder from them which i'm really pleased with, but as part of that purchase received a free bag of beans... Rwanda Liza Relationship Coffee, which on their site was retailing for around £10. I really enjoyed this coffee and would very happily purchase from them again. Definitely worth buying some beans and seeing what you think.
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