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  1. I really enjoy this method, not quite as strong as the coffee I was getting from the traditional method. Will give your method a go though.
  2. Here's the one I use from Horsham Coffee
  3. Hi There, One improvement I would suggest, when you're looking at the coffees list you see a picture like this... It would be good if either there was a brief description of tastes on the pic (i.e. just below the 'colombian bucharamanga' writing - Cartwheel Coffee do this if you want to see what I mean), or if when you hover the mouse pointer over the picture it changes to offer a description (Hasbean do this if you want to see what I mean). This information is offered when you click on the icon, but having it on the front page means I can quickly look at the different coffee descriptors without having to change page, which in turn helps me to choose which coffee I may like to buy. Gareth
  4. Wow that's quite a collection! Enjoy!
  5. Yes probably will do at some point, just invested the the grinder and glass jug, so need to save up the pennies.
  6. Today's brew... North Star's - Burundi Benga Washed https://www.northstarroast.com/product/burundi-washed/
  7. Hi All, Thank you for your comments and advice. I've done a fresh V60 batch this morning with different beans... North Star's Burundi Washed - https://www.northstarroast.com/product/burundi-washed/ Using these beans the burnt taste is definitely not there so perhaps the Hasbean ones just didn't suit my palate. @TheHToad i'll give dropping the temp a go and see if that helps on them. @the_partisan i'll try cupping with them and see where that gets me to. Will feed back. I really do appreciate all the help! Here's some more photos from today's brew to give you an idea of beans, what 'grind size 27 on a Comandante' that i'm using looks like, and an idea of the finished product. I've also done a video which I shot upside down as I could prop it on a cupboard which made it hands-free (sorry about that) but it means this is closer to me 'at my best' rather than trying to do it one handed. If you've got any advice on how I can further improve my pour then please do offer suggestions. video... Thanks again. Gareth
  8. this is the one I had from Cartwheel...
  9. @Alalsacienne I've just started an InMyMug subscription so am looking forward to seeing how that goes. In terms of alternatives, personally I have enjoyed a subscription with Pact (www.pactcoffee.com) for a couple of years, although some aren't keen on them. Good things about them are you get some choice in the coffee you receive and it's super easy to cancel/or skip a delivery if you want to. My favourite recent coffee was from Cartwheel Coffee (www.cartwheelcoffee.com/shop), which I thought was really excellent, although I have only had one of their coffees so far, but will be going back for more. Might be worth while buying a single coffee from a few different places and then if you're keen on a subscription you could just go with wherever you're most pleased with. Gareth
  10. Hi All, Sorry for the delay in replying. I've been trying out the recommendations above. @MWJB i've upped the grind size to the same as I would use for a French Press (27 on Comandante C40) and followed the pouring suggestion you made, which in turn has I think lessened the gaps between pours... this definitely lessens the taste I'm describing making it a bit smoother, but still tastes more bitter than what I would have expected... i'm assuming a 'milk chocolate' description should be richer or sweeter. @the_partisan beans were roasted on 24th May so just over 2 weeks ago. The water i'm using is from a kettle boiled and then left for about 30 seconds to cool, all brewing components are pre-heated with boiling water. I have tried a Aeropress this morning and that gives again a slightly smoother taste than the V60 on this one, but again still more bitter/burnt than expected. Perhaps i'm just not very keen on this coffee or the roast. Although if there's something else to try then do feel welcome to suggest, i'm certainly open to improving my brewing skills (I would imagine i'm more likely to be messing up the brew than a skilled roaster is to be messing up their roast). Not sure really. Thanks Gareth
  11. Hi, sorry for the delay, took me some time to get the video online. @Mrboots2u I've tried it both immediately from brewing and when cooled. Probably tastes more burnt cooled. But either way isn't a taste I'm keen on.
  12. Hi All, Wondered if you might be able to help. I’ve recently started a coffee subscription with Hasbean the first of which I received through was ‘BRAZIL CARMO ESTATE PULPED NATURAL YELLOW BOURBON’… https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/america-brazil/products/brazil-carmo-estate-pn-yellow-bourbon I have been brewing this via V60 and to me it tastes like burnt chocolate rather than the ‘milk chocolate’ I was expecting. I’m fairly new to V60 brewing, done a good few brews with other beans using the Scott Rao method which I very much enjoyed. I’ve been trying to do a method as follows… 16:1 225g (water) / 13.5g (coffee) 0:00 45g 0:45 90g 1:30 135g 2:15 180g 3:00 225g Finishing in just under 4mins. Done this about four times and each time it has the burnt chocolate taste. Here’s some photos of my brew (see below). I also shot a video. Because I was holding the phone with one hand and doing the coffee my weights and timing slightly vary, but the taste is relatively similar to previous brews where this was more accurate. Link to video... Any thoughts, is it my method or the coffee? Anyone else tried this coffee? Thanks Gareth
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