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  1. Hi All, It's getting towards that time of year. Last year I bought my dad a coffee Christmas calendar from Pact which he really enjoyed (a different coffee every day), they're doing it again this year, but I wondered if anyone knows of any other coffee Christmas calendars out there that would be recommended? Here's the Pact one so you get the idea of what i'm talking about... https://www.pactcoffee.com/christmas/pact-coffee-advent-calendar Gareth
  2. @GrowlingDog and @MinesAbeer i'd be interested to know how you rate the Grumpy Mule coffee you received. I've only ever had theirs from the supermarket and so not bought their 'seasonal' stuff.
  3. Hope you enjoy it, I've not had that one from them, I really enjoyed their Ethiopian named 'Welcome to another day'.
  4. garethuk

    What to try next

    Hi Alan, I really like the beans from Two Chimps and they seem to keep some core varieties on a loosely ongoing basis. Some folk find the website a pain (and I agree it's a bit irritating) but having used it a few times now I feel like I've gotten used to it (not ideal to have to get used to a website though). Anyway if you were wanting good quality beans that seem to be available consistently then I'd very happily recommend them. They also do smaller trial packs if you wanted to test them out first. https://twochimpscoffee.com/ Another roaster which is probably my favourite is Cartwheel Coffee, they're amazing, but their varieties are constantly changing, so if you were looking for one variety to consistently have this wouldn't work. https://www.cartwheelcoffee.com/ Hope that helps, Gareth
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, I've just ordered a bag as I like to reward a decent company. Went for this one (Guatemala Los Aguacatones) as I like the sound of the fruity notes.. 'PINEAPPLE, GRAPEFRUIT, APPLE & TOFFEE'... https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/guatemala-los-aguacatones-gen?utm_campaign=Copy of Abandoned Cart%3A Email 1 (LEdZty)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Abandoned Cart&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJnYXJldGguaHV0Y2hAeWFob28uY28udWsiLCAia2xfY29tcGFueV9pZCI6ICJReU1UYlUifQ%3D%3D&variant=30291822149769 Will let you know what it's like once i've rested it.
  6. I you have a look at the grading on coffees as follows... African... there will often be a bean size such as AA, AB, and A. 'AA' would often be the larger size, 'AB' would be smaller, 'A' would be smaller still. Colombia... use 'Supremo' to refer to a large size (16-18 apparently), Excelso to refer to a smaller size (14-16). Central America... uses 'superior' to refer to a larger size, or 'caracol' to refer to Peaberries. Peaberries are when there's only one bean in the coffee fruit and so it's rounder and therefore I guess would possibly be more difficult for the grinding issue you're experiencing. Don't know about other regions. Smaller beans within a bean variety are often a bit cheaper as size was thought to reflect bean development on plants and therefore quality, but there was an interesting video on Hasbean a few months ago suggesting this is not necessarily the case. Hope that helps, info taken from James Hoffmann's 'World Atlas of Coffee'.
  7. garethuk

    Free shipping

    Two that I use who's coffee I really enjoy and have 'free postage' are... Cartwheelcoffee.com TwoChimpscoffee.com
  8. Just tried this brew regime myself and was very nice indeed! Felt like I was getting lots of subtle fruit flavours. Thanks Mark!
  9. Yes that would be right, smooth side out. When I looked there was only one video on youtube re cleaning and they had done it the other way around, but like I say if you follow the instructions you can't go wrong really. In terms of other grinders, no I haven't used any others... this was my first (and hopefully only for a good while anyway) grinder purchase, I had previously bought pre-ground coffee from roasters. Originally I was looking at electric but realised that to get a high quality one i'd have to spend far too much for me. So I went down this route. At the end of the day with this coffee stuff you can always spend more money, I think you just have to decide on a budget and go with that. I've been really please with the Comandante it's a real joy to use, but as others have mentioned there are other options out there. It could be worth waiting until January and seeing if any sales are on or if anyone is selling something secondhand having received a Christmas upgrade.
  10. Personally I use a Comendante and have been very pleased with it. It grinds beans quickly and easily and is a real pleasure to use. Like you I wanted to buy once and really only want to spend £100-£150. But based on the research I did I decided to push the budget a bit. If you do decide to get one, I bought mine online from Horsham Coffee and was very pleased with the service they offered, also got a free bag of beans which were nice. In terms of my further thoughts on the Comendante... It's easy to adjust the grind size, you do this based upon a click system, which is explained on the instructions when you get the grinder. For example, I keep mine of '20 clicks' and so if I want to grind finer or coarser I can adjust from there and then click back. Sounds a bit complicated but it's not, very easy really. Also the grinder feels bomb proof and is really easy to clean. I probably clean mine once per month using a little brush. As an fyi, if you do end up getting a Comendante there's a video on youtube about how to clean it, but that video is incorrect, the person doing it puts the washers on the wrong way, so just an fyi on that one. Again the instructions that come with the product tell you how to do it properly, it's easy.
  11. garethuk

    72hr Maceration

    @Jon_Foster always nice to have something a bit different to look forward to, do let us know what you think of them!
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