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  1. Mrs M has been learning to foam milk with her new Espro jugs and though she insists it’s very much a work in progress, is encouraged by the results. The look of pride on her face when these were produced this morning was a picture ! ? Certainly an improvement on my efforts, I can’t seem to get on with the small one.
  2. Marocchino

    500g - Taboo?

    I couldn’t wait any longer ? I have to admit to having tasted it already - had my first cup this morning and one just after lunch. Took a punt with the Niche at 12 setting First shot was 16g in 37g out - 29 seconds, definitely a fruity flavour though I couldn’t be more specific. A mild taste with milk as a flat white. Left Niche alone and Increased dosage to 17g in and 38 out for the lunch time cup. Found it to have a better flavour against the milk. A very nice cup. Will continue to experiment as and when my caffeine allowance permits ? but will try to make each shot count as I only have 25.5 17g shots left in the bag. At 4 shots per day between Mrs M and me that’s 6.3 day’s worth not counting visitors ☹️ ☹️
  3. Marocchino


    My auto c My typing skills have gone to pot this morning, for “your” insert you’re!
  4. Marocchino


    I like the way your thinking ? that undo button would be well worn in my case. In reality my muppetry was so bad I didn’t reach for the camera; I was just so flabbergasted by the mess I’d created ?
  5. Marocchino


    Double Muppetry day so far and it’s still only morning; Total porridge boil over whilst multi tasking re-filling the coffee machine. All I could do was turn the gas ring off and think what the hell am I going to do with all that waste porridge. After what seemed like a very long clean up and on to making a fresh batch, it was coffee next. Somehow managed to empty the contents of my second filled and tamped double portafilter all over the coffee machine drip tray. It’s at times like this I’m glad I’ve got a vacuum cleaner with crevice tool. Not sure if leaving the house today is a wise idea ?☹️
  6. That’s the norm - can be very frustrating too ?
  7. The sun came out Christmas Day, so had to make the most of it ?
  8. I know the address off by heart phonetically as it tends to be a bit of a nightmare ordering things over the phone ???
  9. Mine arrived two minutes ago by our friendly local postman - he was bemused by the fact that I was still in my dressing gown after a bit of a late one ? A big thank you to @Hasi and @Nicknak for putting the consignment together particularly at a time of year when there can be so many other demands upon your time ??? Guten Rutsch - Happy New Year
  10. As it’s Christmas, I had to get the Grinch in somehow! ?
  11. Just about - the expression on the Grinch is a grin ?
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