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  1. Yes Don’t believe that’s right a p’stat doesn’t work that way.
  2. Think of a thermistor as a device that changes electrical resistance dependant upon the temperature it is subjected to. That change in electrical resistance may be employed to do something useful like trigger a circuit that switches a boiler heater on or off. Thermistors do not measure pressure. However pressure maybe inferred from temperature, there is a proportional relationship between the two. I guess these days thermistors must be pretty accurate devices.
  3. Not for me to justify for or against a manufacturers claims let alone argue against their product development. Been around long enough and got many faded T shirts on that subject. I’m happy it’s still made in Britain and wish more stuff was.
  4. Wouldn’t dream to second guess the rationale behind the modification. I imagine he’s taking advantage of the low voltage power supply the LR 24 has built into it. Thermistors have been around for many years, I certainly remember building with them in college 40 years ago. At that time they generally tended to operate at a lower DC voltage. The lower voltage power pack on the LR24 I imagine may offer a platform to develop further tweaks or enhancements.
  5. I get that - with the ubiquitousness of cameras in society, I have always enjoyed taking a picture that isn’t run of the mill, maybe breaks with accepted convention and potentially gets away with it.
  6. Thank you, for your help I’ve seen it. I’ve been put off by the noticeable scratches on the front of it to be honest.
  7. I admit to being old school, with composition. An interest in painting, photography, architecture or all of the above?
  8. I had a very strong polarising effect on the original, making the sky quite a dark blue.
  9. @DavecUK Tweaked the marram grass photo - made it a little paler in order to achieve a higher degree of contrast. Wanted the grass to look a little like scratches on a surface.
  10. Hardly a soul this end of our local beach today..,, Light was quite intense;
  11. Me too, a massive loss to the country and the commonwealth. So much of his work went on quietly behind the scenes. Having read and heard more about him since his death, I was truly saddened by his passing.
  12. Thanks for the information - I’ll check them out 👍
  13. Like your thoughtful use of space. Who were your magnetic bean tube rack suppliers?
  14. I do miss the ability to have more manual control particularly when I see how soft a focus is on an object I’m trying to take. It’s then that I hanker after something like an N - Z6 or S - a7. Thankfully, I very quickly remember carrying their 35mm equivalents in years gone by and the hankering quickly dissipates.
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