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  1. Thanks, an interesting article on coffee machine types.
  2. Thanks, an interesting article on machine types.
  3. Just took delivery of a Kilo bag of Teifi Organic single origin Colombian beans. As Teifi Coffee is within my area - they delivered for free. Notice they do free delivery on interweb orders comprising 3 or more 227g packs. They ensure beans are within 10 days of being roasted. Good to find a local roaster. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40303[/ATTACH]
  4. When I got the replacement steam valve from Frankie at Ferrari Coffee, he mentioned that there was the option to go down the joystick valve route. The only problem with this mod is the steam wand would be incorporated into the joystick valve. The Millenium steam wand is separate from the steam control valve, so a bit of plumbing to do and blanking off of the original wand holes. In addition he mentioned the joystick valve would protrude quite a bit, so the overall look of the machine would change. As I was happy with how it looked originally I kept it stock.
  5. Found reading your posts a good lesson in determination in seeing the job through to a final working machine, a good achievement. I too have an Isomac Millenium and have owned it from new without too many issues. One expensive problem I did encounter though was having to replace the steam valve - a complete unit is available from Ferrari. The issue is that the valve is a non serviceable item and if they are overtightened, they eventually start to drip from when the machine is switched on. All users of the machine have since had the don’t overtighten the valve talk after it’s replacement - about 4 years ago and so far it’s holding. Hope you have as much enjoyment with it as I have had with mine.
  6. Ferrari Coffee got me started about 2004, I got my Isomac Millenium with them; it’s still going strong. Over the years they’ve supplied me with a new pressure stat, an anti vacuum valve and some steam wand seals. They have been very helpful and have a wealth of useful knowledge. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them as a company to deal with.
  7. I wondered about that, about £4 for a 227g pack. Not sure who their market is for this kind of bean. I was intrigued because of the roasted on date.
  8. .... temptation passed and I left them behind on the counter.
  9. Coaltown Roastery Canteen, The Roastery, Foundry Rd, Ammanford SA18 2LS Mrs Marocchino swears by the flavour of their flat white's, I have to admit they have a really impressive coffee menu including Kyoto, Kalita, V60 and Chemex coffee on offer.
  10. Saw something unusual the other day when I was in M&S with my wife, we stopped off at the cafe for a cup of tea and sandwich and I saw them selling single origin Peruvian coffee beans that had a roasted on date on the wrapper. Interestingly enough they listed the altitude the beans came from the flavour notes, the production co-operative but the kicker was the best before date; It listed that as 4 months after the roast date. I have to admit I looked to see when the roast dates were in relation to my visit as it was beginning to sound plausible. The beans had been roasted a month before my visit.
  11. Recommend the coffee with James at Alleyway ( in the lane between the Post Office and Llys Nini charity shop ) in Carmarthen. He comes across as a knowledgeable guy who is genuinely interested in coffee, his approach is a real change from the usual high street coffee chains and is an entirely different product. It looks like he has a La Marzocco coffee machine and an EK43 grinder and from the taste of his coffee he knows how to use them.
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