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  1. My wife’s best so far! Who knows, maybe we'll have tulips tomorrow 🤔
  2. Is it my imagination or can I see folks picking out the softest and biggest dock leaves from the field next door 😊 if push comes to shove, I’ll be tearing up my vintage collection of Beano’s into squares and attaching them to the bathroom wall with a big nail.😀 Ahh well, my post here definitely falls into the stupid category - if only I knew a friendly mod to delete all evidence of type and press send before thinking 🤔
  3. Too much time on my hands. Thanks for taking the time out to explain @Snakehips, That makes so much sense 😃 Can’t say i’d ever noticed it before. I blame my lack of clarity on Covid- 19 TV. and way too much caffeine 😷😳🧐
  4. Oooooh I could just manage a waffeur right now.
  5. Totally agree with this statement, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the government will have to step in to put a stop to the supermarket free for all. The most vulnerable in our society won’t get a a look in unless they take some action.
  6. Noticed today that my posts no longer appear to have that greyed out coffee cup reactions button in the bottom right hand side of the post.I have logged out and logged back in again, but that has made no difference. Is this a setting thing? 🤔 Anyone experienced this before and resolved it, I guess I must have inadvertently altered something.👇
  7. Supermarkets already doing their own form of rationing - local Tesco restricts you to 3 of everything. Thursday is our regular grocery run day so today it didn’t take us long to see their system being abused. Woman with trolley told by checkout assistant “you’re only allowed 3 cartons of soya milk - can you please put the other 3 on the adjacent unoccupied conveyor and they’ll be returned to the shelf by a member of staff later?” She complied with the polite request and her husband picked up the discarded three and went to buy them at a different checkout. Glad my local roaster isn’t rationing!
  8. Do you do your own maintenance and does that figure in your choice of machine? Never owned a lever so don’t feel qualified to say much about one. I have read many forum posts that suggest they can be a fairly simple machine to work on from a maintenance standpoint. E61 based machine maintenance is fairly well documented. Enjoy the research and good luck with your choice.
  9. Got plenty of flour too, it’s the yeast that seems to be a problem. Shipton Mills sold out, all supermarket shelves devoid of yeast. Tesco would give out fresh if you asked for it - did that this morning and they said they’ve stopped doing it. for the foreseeable future. Going to figure out how to make my old Panasonic bread maker make sourdough once I get some starter going. Strange times.
  10. Thought it must have been a typo, 80 Kgs is a fair chunk of metal to shift. Good to know it can be handled by one person. 👍
  11. What have you got your 👀 on to replace it when it sellls? @Planter Londinium support forum suggests they’re about 80kgs in weight, if that’s correct, it’s going to be a fair weight to shift 🤔
  12. Reiss seems to have posted on his news section an update on LC; General update BY REISS GUNSON ON WEDNESDAY, 18 MARCH 2020 13:57 3. I am aware that many of you believe the LC machine will never see the light of day, and indeed i have shared your view on occasions. However with the impact of COVID-19 i am hopeful that we might get it to market sooner rather than later, by which i do not mean imminently, but i am now confident that we will get it to market this year as i think some capacity in the development team at our manufacturer will become available by the end of April 4. We expect the wireless dongles to be ready imminently, we are waiting for the final version of the app to be released to us He seems to be keeping the interest ticking over for the long awaited LC and the Dongle for the LR.
  13. Thanks @DavecUK NFC disk arrived, today, really appreciate your help. I would have had it earlier, but got caught up in the silliness of empty breadflour shelves at my local supermarket. Sending a fool further, I checked out another supermarket and there’s no flour there either. Funny, I’ve been able to get stoneground wholewheat flour easily for the past 20 years, since it’s popularity isn’t as great as white flour.in my area. That’ll teach me not to stock up. Disc going on this afternoon. Tempted to put a thin fibre washer between the underside of the domed bolt and the face of the NFC disc.
  14. The flexibility to switch between coffee beans very easily is a feature I really enjoy on the Niche. In the six or so months I’ve had it, I’ve put 8kg’s through it and had no issues. My workflow has definitely been made easier because of it. I certainly don’t miss putting my well worn pastry brush up the throat of my old doserless Macap MC4 to ensure that what I put in, I got back out.
  15. Hi @Deeez Nuuutz, I’ll take the Decent thermometer at asking price. P.M me for arrangements if bank transfer acceptable.
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