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  1. Hi @RobW, I'll take it at £15 delivered 2nd class. Can we PM to make payment and delivery arrangements?
  2. For me it's when I start to get a bit hyper - nature's way of letting you know that maybe having that last double wasn't such a good idea.
  3. Couldn’t agree more with your comments @Obnic. Also the prospect of spraying my details around another vast ecosystem like Google doesn’t fill me with joy. i was a little slow off the mark with another poster selling an XS a short while ago. My phone was working then but was playing up. In my time researching breakdown cover it was sold. I’ve found that an account with Nationwide BS offers mobile phone cover for you and your family and is something I’ve taken up in readiness for my upcoming purchase whether it will be used or new.
  4. Thanks! I bet I’m like many Apple users, it’s a love hate relationship with more of the emphasis on - hate their prices, hate the way they deign to drip feed incrementally very small innovations in order to keep their legions of punters just about happy. Personally I think they’ve lost the plot, but their kit just about does what it says on the tin, with very little fuss and of course when you’re committed to their system it’s a pain to swap out - and they know it 🤨
  5. If the publicity blurb I sometimes get is to be believed it will probably be September next year that Apple will shift themselves and see fit to release 5G way behind the curve. I'm no fanboy of Apple, but I'm already tied in to their eco-system and for simplicity and probably a little laziness and the desire for an easy life I'm going to stick with them. Had an original Galaxy S for about 5 years, towards the end, it was forever locking up would never want to go back to that. My old Nokia 6110 still works a treat, great back up phone, but can't get the inter web on it.
  6. Does anyone have an iPhone XS “upgrade” they are currently not using or are happy to part with? Would prefer storage in excess of 64Gb. My old iPhone 6 has been playing up for a while and has finally expired. With 5G around the corner I’m not tempted to go out and buy a new one.
  7. Thanks @PPapa for providing the useful information. I fully realise that the energy consumption will depend upon the time it takes for the stat to come up to temperature and cycle. This cycle rate will amongst other things depend upon the ambient temperature of the room that the group is shedding heat to. I too use the in built power consumption app within my wifi switch for my E61 machine. As a point of interestI've been following threads on L-R boiler lagging and also there's this older one; https://londiniumespresso.com/news/energy-consumption-londinium-i The link gives a real world consumption figure from Reiss for a larger 2850W element and I thought it fair to infer from it a ball park indication of potential energy consumption for the L-R. Your energy consumption figure in relation, isn't that wide of the mark...... tempting! 🤔
  8. I’ve been considering an L-R for some time myself and was pretty much on the verge of getting one, when a realisation hit home - more on that in a moment. The L-R appears to be a well supported quality product that has so many things going for it. The support pages on the company website together with friendly user advice from this forum speak volumes for how well this machine is thought of in the home coffee making environment. I’ve found a wealth of information on the L Support pages and Reiss keeps on top of queries as they come in. He seems to have a lot of patience, believe me, I know, as I’ve asked some stupid questions all in the name of research. Owners genuinely seem bowled over by its performance and it’s simplicity is a feature that really appeals to me. Like you, I haven’t changed my machine in over 10 years - but mine is still going strong. The thought of a new challenge and a final forever machine excites me, BUT the only thing that’s holding me back from buying one is it’s power consumption credentials. The boiler isn’t lagged and to heat up the heavy group takes about an hour. Reiss recommends a timer switch so that it’s warm by the time you get up. It seems a lot of energy use to knock out two doubles in the morning. The machine is rated at 2.4 kW. Don’t get me wrong, I may still go for one, but Im trying to reconcile this issue with an eye to my impact on the environment and my coffee consumption habit.🤔 It all boils down to choice in the end and what factors are important to you. As you could be potentially buying directly from Londinium, the opportunity to see one in the flesh is a little limited, but understand Reiss is happy to Skype / FaceTime with a view to going through the machine with you - what a service! I believe there is an App that is due to be released shortly that enables you to alter the pre-infusion parameters, another bonus particularly if you like to experiment with your roast levels on your coffee. As mentioned in an earlier post within this thread, the expense will not stop at the machine - a quality grinder is also needed to get the best from the L-R. Reiss seems to favour the Monolith - good luck with trying to get one. Like the L-R, I guess they could be classed as a considered purchase. Good luck with your deliberations.
  9. Thanks @Rhys, it has lots of memories for me, perhaps it played a small part in my career direction as an engineer - I hope it goes to a good home. 😀
  10. Mixed vintage Meccano sets for sale from my childhood ( 60’s ) Not in original boxes, well used but in good functional condition. Would like to move onto a good home for £30 + postage. Package weight is approx 5kgs and typical MyHermes cost for insured and signed for delivery is approx £7.50.
  11. After lots of coffee and if you have the time and inclination, I’m sure I’m not alone in being interested in you compiling your thoughts on how the Pav compares with the LR, both in the cup and workflow 🤔😊
  12. Pav-tastic;........any plans for those Thuya Burr offcuts? 😀 Postie brought me today a brown envelope with HMRC. printed on it.......not quite in the same league as a shiny Pav 🤔☹️
  13. Know that feeling well 😳😊
  14. The aroma removal and re-injection process was strange.. Don't know if their figures are accurate, or where they got them from, but they suggested the coffee industry employed 125 million people worldwide?? Mrs M related to me a story from a coffee shop she was in recently; an elderly gentleman in front of her in the queue for coffee asked "why is the coffee taking so long to make"? he said ;...."surely it doesn't take long to put a spoon of instant into a cup"?
  15. It was a pretty superficial and light hearted production and didn't endear me to want to drink the stuff. Enjoyed some of the bits of info thrown in to the general patter.......we have to filter our green beans....Why?......because they can contain all sorts of things ...... we even had a live iguana once! They cut away to mini film sequences that were informative to a degree; where they attempted to explain the bean roasting process, the affects of caffeine on the brain, global warming affects on coffee plants and the need for plantations to go ever higher in altitude to get the right conditions. The information came from Kew Gardens specialist modelling data. Finally they described how powdered instant came about and its history After all that, if found the way Adenosine receptors in the brain are affected be caffeine to be of most interest. The programme was easy watching , but could have been so much more. Final take away from it was the amount of effort, technology, energy and development behind the process to make a convenience product is staggering, and I'm glad I don't drink the stuff.
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