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  1. The cost doesn’t end there - you usually have to pay a charge to the courier for paying those charges on your behalf and they will not deliver the item to you until their charges are paid.
  2. @radicomanJust found this on the forum, so the web search answer conflicts with the forum experience.
  3. @radicomanDon’t profess to know anything about the Rancillio Silvia and what I’m suggesting may be model specific, but a quick web search suggested that an E61 portafilter will fit. Check out the for sale section once you’ve done your own thorough research - I have one for sale there.
  4. Baulked at the cost of them for a good long while, but don’t regret getting one and particularly like the extra clearance from the drip tray to the underside of the group the thinner lunar gives.
  5. Ahh they’ve been on lockdown since last March, they’re probably bored out of their minds - the rabbits and badgers won’t let them into their gang. .... or maybe they’re just wannabe Kangaroos
  6. @The Systemic Kid Perhaps they’re donkeys with an identity crisis or maybe the farmer is giving them a little too much oats in their diet
  7. Walked today in drizzle - came across our first fly tipped mattress in all these months of lockdown walks; depressing! Further on, there were donkeys trying to overcome their boredom - way off across the fields. Also lucky enough to see our first lambs of the year wearing the latest in lamb plastic fashion and finally a reminder that spring is on its way with our first sighting of snowdrops for this year.
  8. As title, bought from BellaBarista, no manufacturers mark visible 450g weight, comes without basket. Lug thickness 5.9mm. Condition - has marks acquired through use. £25 delivered.
  9. Used both over the years, personal preference is for stainless steel. Don’t even want to think back to the state my aluminium one got into over the years.
  10. I’m definitely looking forward to my first one.
  11. Bump - available if there are any new Meccano fans out there!
  12. Never been to the slate quarries, but there’s an amazing feat of design and engineering in Dinorwig with the pumped storage hydroelectric system built there. One of the places I always fancied visiting, even though there’s not much to see above ground.
  13. Oh also spotted a respectfully distanced visit by a local Tom with a special friend 😀
  14. Spotted this whilst out on our ramble today. It seems like a fairly old agricultural building is being demolished - interesting thing is the old belt drive shaft is still visible along the top edge of the closest elevation. It was taken at dusk and I’ve overexposed the picture to show more detail of the drive shaft with the belt drive input at the far end and the take off output points along the length of the shaft.
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