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  1. Oddly enough, my Acaia Lunar battery alarm came up whilst in the process of pulling some shots. I plugged a usb charger lead in and it continued to function. They’ve modded their firmware recently so that you can easily check the battery status and not get caught out.
  2. Good news indeed for all prospective purchasers.
  3. if you keep them well greased you’ll extend their lifespan. Mine are still going strong a year on with my LR. From personal use with both grease products, the Loxeal seems a little stickier than the Molykote. I grease the rings every few months or if I start to seeing any form of lever judder.
  4. Think you’ll find them here….. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MildredsCoffeeTowels?ref=profile_header
  5. When I entered duck duck for PTFE tape temp it came up as one of the hits. Used to RS data sheets. Also Loxeal since I use the grease I’ve checked on them too.
  6. Those links, I’ve seen before. Agree with your point above - and it’s one of the principles I use to live by.
  7. Just putting this out there as I’ve often thought about this - I know plumbers use PTFE tape on potable water installations. I just wondered whether it’s use has been scientifically proven to be food safe in applications approaching boiling point?
  8. Echoing TSK’s comments - if you let Reiss know you’re an L1 owner then your forum access should be sorted out. Regarding threadlock, I have read on the L forum of LOXEAL 55-03 being used on threaded joints.
  9. Read somewhere that you can listen for steam leaks using the inner card tube from a roll of kitchen paper. Out of curiosity, what thread sealer did you use on your fittings?
  10. Thanks for your explanation, we’re all entitled to our opinions. Coffee is such a subjective interest. 👍
  11. Out of curiosity, I’d be really interested to know what information you have found that supports the Caedo E37Z would be an upgrade to the Weber EG1 or whether the comment was just a turn of phrase 🤔
  12. Having a piece of wood with a slot in it stuck on top of a hot saturated group surely has the potential for splitting.
  13. Thank you for your help as always. It’s a shame there doesn’t appear to be an easy fix. Let’s hope @Taitcan work some magic. I have a custom activity stream set up, but in reality it’s no different from what I’m currently doing which is swinging by the classifieds every few days or so and nosing about. For me the experience has been diminished by the loss of notification, I know it sounds like a selfish narrow opinion, but I can only speak for me. Hoping things improve.
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