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  1. That’s really very good news for you and your husband, I’m very happy for you both. Your sentiments on not knowing what to say to folks facing treatment or just finding out about the condition for the first time I think is a common one. I know I’ve struggled in the past to find the appropriate words when told of family and friend’s with this condition. I don’t think there are appropriate words - telling the person how you are feeling while processing the information is a good start. I imagine it must be stressful for the person telling you the information just as it is being the recipient, probably more so. Your final sentiment is a very thoughtful one.
  2. Good luck with your treatment - it’s one of those conditions there is no right or wrong way to deal with the both the physically and mentally. You’ve just got to do what get’s you through it all .... look forward to your forum participation as and when you may feel so inclined. Warm wishes to you and yours.
  3. I know what you mean, bought mine with a general 10% off offer on an eBay British coffee equipment seller £207 delivered. 😀 Every little helps - I had £23 off their £230 regular price.
  4. I feel your frustration - we seem to sometimes have more than our fair share of wet weather ourselves. ☔️ There’s always tomorrow 😀 Heard someone say once; “there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing” . Ah well, settle in and enjoy the coffee, I hear it’s pretty good up there in the land of Mr Puff 😃
  5. Postie arrived early today, though not bearing gifts in the same league as that of @Nicknak😀 ( hope you enjoy many fine cups of coffee with it by the way ). I missed out on one of these scales on the Forum a while ago, so just got one anyway now that things are starting to settle down a bit at this end.
  6. Such a beautiful morning out there for us today - couldn’t resist taking a quick photo of one of our Acer trees and the vivid colours of its remaining foliage set against the azure blue sky. Shame about the picture quality ☹️
  7. I can identify with the sentiment, but I think the stats are heavily against me in that department as I got over 40 years in. Ill be happy just making as big a dent as possible in my pension pot and having as much fun as I can in the process of doing it 🥳 Good Luck with your plan. 👍
  8. Glad to say I made it into the retired club a few years ago too - I know it’s a cliche because I’ve heard the same comments from friends and colleagues who went before me, but I honestly can’t say where the time goes, it just seems to fly by. Congratulations and keep breathing 👏😁
  9. .....and what about an order for a certain kind of flat black rectangular accessory 😊
  10. Used mine up already ☹️ Stopped tweaking and got to regularly using 16g in 39g out 34 seconds. Very mellow.
  11. Many thanks to @Lambo for making the purchase transaction easy and fully appreciate his prompt postage of the 2 IMS Competition 16-18g filter baskets. They arrived in the post 10 minutes ago 👍
  12. Happy to participate as a guest if an opening becomes available - would definitely look good under my tree 🎄
  13. In the spirit of keeping the post going ...... and since I know next to nothing about this grinder, I googled it. I was interested in finding out the differences between this and a standard EK43. Oddly enough the search returned very little but I did discover 212 were made. Interestingly, the search turned up some older CF posts on the #211. Though @arellimdidn’t mention anything about burrs - are they original and what age is the machine - is it late 2016? I can see no reason that the burr sets should be any different between this and the standard EK43, but does anyone know if this really is the case? Aside from height are there any other interesting differences?
  14. Marocchino

    UK Based Roasters

    Finished the October LSOL, so got stuck into Django - La Soledad. As I’d finished my last bean stock earlier than expected, I couldn’t wait. 16g in 38g out. Lovely espresso fruity flavour. Nice too as a flat white. 😊
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