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  1. Been lurking for a while, since I bought a barista express in December. It's already broken so looking to trade up... Definitely been bitten by the coffee bug ?
  2. Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while, the community in general has been really useful in my coffee journey so far! I recently bought a Sage Barista Express, while it's a really good machine and makes a nice espresso (after some tweaking!) it's only 4 months old and already broken. I don't really have confidence in the build quality, and also feeling the limitations in certain areas, particularly the steam wand power and being able to steam and pull a shot at the same time. I think I'm pretty settled on the Chreub being the next upgrade for me. Nice small footprint and seems well made. I just had a few questions about the practicalities of using it at home. We make about 3-4 coffees a day mon-fri, then a couple more a day on weekends. For my morning coffee would I need to turn the machine on about an hour before I want to use it? This isn't a huge problem as i can used a time wall plug. For the rest of the day, when we want another coffee totally depends on the day, so would we have to leave it on all day in this case? If so, does anyone know how much power it uses being on like this for 8 hours a day? If there are any other practical considerings we should take into account, be happy to hear them, or any suggestions for alternative machines. I'm also looking at buying second hand, so if anyone has any advice here (or one for sale) let me know. Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any help.
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