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    Lost cleaning disk

    I was checking the UK web site for weeks and never stock showing of the cleaning disc. However when I phoned Sage, they have stock and managed to order over the phone.
  2. Many thanks John for taking the time to share your experience and thoughts. In this video of the Oracle he demonstrates various drop times for correct, over and under extraction - even as much as 17 seconds drop (thus 10 seconds after pre-infusion) I cannot replicate anything like his 12 secs drop time for correct extraction, my experience is 8s to 9s at most to get 2 x 30ml. Will be interesting to see if a change in drop times when I get round to trying fresh roast beans. You'd think the main variable that determines drop time with this machine is the grind setting regardless of how "fresh" beans are, but I am interested to learn otherwise.
  3. Thanks Ron for the quick reply. I certainly intend trying fresh roasted beans but for convenience and cost reasons, was hoping to continue to use supermarket beans from time to time and understand if my experience is normal and if worth adjusting the machine tamp, infuse and extraction time settings etc. Or whether that would be going down a pointless rabbit hole. I'm no connoisseur, my partner and I drink flat whites. We dont have a great experience with bean roasts. TBH, Lavazza Rossa and the Oracle is a big improvement to what we've been used to and when we get the grind right, tastes fine for us. Will be curious to taste the difference when we try better beans.
  4. I've been using the Sage Oracle for the last month on factory default settings. 7s pre-infuse time, 30 seconds total extraction. Tried various grind settings from 21 to 25 with different beans and can never increase/slow the drop time above 8s. If I lower the grind too much, the flow intermittently stops or slows right down. I can get 30ml extraction x 2 shot and honey colour crema flow usually between 7-8 seconds drop time. Just curious why the recommended drop time is 9-14 seconds and why I cant get within this range? Only tried various supermarket beans so far including Lavazza Rossa. I'll get round to buying some local freshly roasted beans soon, but would like to confirm if the above sounds normal with Lavazza? Or a workflow/ procedure how to go adjusting pre-infuse and extraction times to get the optimum extraction for the bean whether supermarket or local freshly roasted date. I bought the machine second hand, everything appears to work fine, but wonder if any issue with the machine or inadequate cleans and descales in the past may or may not contribute to the above? Any guidance appreciated or please share your experience with the same machine and supermarket beans, thanks.
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