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  1. no-one wrote Suzuki GS500 here? cheap, simple engine, quite reliable, not too big, not too heavy, not too powerful, no too anything...
  2. nope, Barista Hustle released black anodised aluminium after the white plastic one. https://baristahustletools.com/products/the-tamper
  3. black anodised, if it is the Barista Hustle one. soo nice to use...
  4. most standard home-use E61 clone machines benefit from 2.5 to 3 mm restrictors. it is always just a plate (I've even seen teflon discs with hole in the centre - worked well enough) or another suitable piece of metal with a hole. you might end up drilling the 2.0 mm up to 3.0 mm and use that if you find that 2.5 mm is too small for your particular machine. but this is hard to tell without SCACE and measurement of the extraction temperature profile - too small jet with higher boiler pressure will inevitably end up in correct 'idle' temp and initial shot temperature, but the profile will be declining and the machine will struggle with subsequent shots (declining temperatures on them, too much dependent on the pace). oh, and always place the restrictor in the upper HX arm. its second purpose aside from restricting the thermosyphon action is to make the lower HX arm the preferred water source during the extraction (it's always mix of both). my ideal setting would be to have a machine where you don't need to flush at all. I have achieved that in old Grimac La Uno with 3.2 mm restrictor and boiler set at 1.25 Bar. extraction measured by SCACE-clone at 94 C, short flush (50 ml) just made the temperature profile more "flat" throughout.
  5. just replace the solenoid. the scale on the top of the solenoid (and any corrosion on the valve itself) is usually a quite good indication that something went terribly wrong...
  6. prices changed a lot since 2016. last time I saw quotes for standard were around € 10k without VAT in 2018.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to declutter my "household" (after finding out I have too much stuff during moving). For sale, nice red stainless steel Airscape, small (holds 250 g of coffee just fine, pacamaras and pacas without the top lid). In good shape, some scratches on the bottom (can't be seen when standing on kitchen surface), working, I just think I can survive with coffee bags only. £10 + postage or pickup in London (Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Edmonton, anywhere between or somewhere else around) colour is like this (my phone isn't the best camera):
  8. Sorry for late reply (seems like notifications don't work). It should fit all standard LM portafilters, Linea Mini as well.
  9. I have worked on many Slayers, few GS/3, many Speedsters and I've been through KvdW factory and training. Speedsters are by far the best single group machines out there, period. Congratulations on that one; and get the black cap, it's quite handy.
  10. remember there is a lot of fat (cocoa butter) that melts around 34 C in coca beans... it will mess up your grinder even frozen.
  11. Hello all, I have collected some filter baskets over time that I have no use for so before I throw it on ebay I would like to offer them here. Advanced Precision Filter baskets have the same finish as Strada baskets but they come without certificate, it's all produced on the same fabrication line and most LM machines on UK market just come with APF as a good standard. - LM APF 7 g, 3 pcs available, £5 each - LM APF 14 g, 8 pcs available, £5 each - LM APF, 21 g, 1 pc for £5 - LM Strada 7 g w/o certificate, 2 pcs available, £15 each - LM Strada 14 g w/o certificate, 1 pc for £15 - LM Strada 14g with certificate, 3 pcs available, £20 each All brand new, genuine OEM parts. payment via bank transfer, postage via PoyalMail or Hermes (or whatever - I can probably do anything and the baskets should fit in standard bubble padded envelope) or collection in London.
  12. is there a scale (or ever been) in your kettle? no? then you're probably safe...
  13. particulate and activated carbon filter is a recommended minimum.
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