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  1. Finally we've been able to get the subscription function on our website set up! It's a little limited in choice but were hoping to expand soon enough. Up to 20% coffees with subscriptions are available, choices from blends to origins and roasters choice are currently set up! Www.crownandcanvas.co.uk/coffee-club
  2. Crown & Canvas Coffee Roasters! Www.Crownandcanvas.co.uk
  3. Now the 25% discount has ended... the new discount code for CFUK members is 'CFUK' (Pretty imaginative, right?) This will discount 15% on all coffee in your cart, and any orders over £25 qualify for free shipping too! Crownandcanvas.co.uk I've been personally drinking alot of the Karambi Mountain as espresso recently...and Colombia Inza-1 as a lighter roasted filter, which is deliciously fruity and smells amazing!
  4. The 25% Discount did end in June, but all members of this forum get 15% discount on coffee using code 'Forum15'
  5. Hopefully a bit of both! Really glad you're enjoying it, look forward to hearing what you think of the Colombian!
  6. @Rapid Thankyou for the kind words! The end of the 25% sale went a little crazy and wiped us out of what I had left of that Colombian (By the skin of my teeth!) ... but in tie with the new Ethiopia, a new Colombian crop is due to go live in a couple days, just finishing up artwork etc now. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on trying the coffee!
  7. @Rapid Ahh much appreciated thankyou! The Colombia and Maria Genoveva are delicious, the Ethiopian is very 'tea like' its incredibly light and fruity...BUT in the next few weeks a new Ethiopian single will go live which has alot more 'bite' to it, full flavour and very sweet as a filter, yet to try as Espresso but we only receieved them Friday so we're still experimenting, another week or so of sampling and getting it ready and then i'll be sure to let you know! Thanks again!
  8. @Rapid Thanks! - The offer will run till the end of June on the current plan, but if anything changes I'll be sure to post here about it. I'm looking to change this profile into a company profile soon, its on my to do list! The Chase is a great place, just 2 minutes from the roastery!
  9. Hi Dave, it wouldnt be free but it would most likely be discounted or smaller quantity bags, so it's not too expensive as a bit of interesting fun!
  10. Ive been toying around at the Roastery and Ive had an idea...Thought id put it too this group to see if anyone would like to be involved in a little experiement, purely for fun and interest? The idea, a tasting flight Limited run product, 1 Single origin coffee, roasted to 3 different Levels (We will use time as the variable rather than terms like Medium/Dark etc) So in the box you would get- 3 x 250g Bags of coffee, all roasted the exact same except for the time they were dropped into the cooling tray, (1 x 9 Minutes, 1 x 12 Minutes & 1 x 14 Minutes for example)
  11. That doesnt seem unreasonable I think? Considering we're offering 25% off coffee at the moment and Freeshipping over £25 orders too?
  12. Thanks Akp! Much appreciated, hopefully when things are back to normal you can pop by for a coffee!
  13. @Nick1881 - Just catching up on comments on the above! Can you ping me an email over at [email protected] with your order number? I'd like to replace those two bags you had issues with if youd let me? We've been running some tests and back and forth with manufacturer regarding heatsealing/one way valves, packaging etc.., so far things are looking much better but still, no excuse for receiving stale coffee! For everyone that's ordered from us recently its hugely appreciated! As a new Roaster feedback is crucial for me to be able to improve our areas everytime,
  14. Hi Jony, We don't stock Chemex's at the moment, only V60's - Definitely something I'd like to look at in the future though! I'm hoping to put some discount packs together soon for brewing kits which will include a nice bag of filter coffee to go with, I'll be sure to post on here when that goes live!
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