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  1. Jeez!!! Cool I’ll try that tonight after fitting the wider flue. It’s maybe to do with the SD being partially open. [email protected]
  2. I think I have it around 7/8 when cooling. I also still have the 3 inch flue, being replaced with a 4” flue today as it happens, so don’t know if this will make a difference to the chaff being extracted out the flue.
  3. Was looking for a bit of advice on this. Underneath my chaff collection tray there is a lot of chaff (after roasting 3kg). Does this look like a normal amount.m, and what is the best way to clean under the tray. A vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle or can the tray come off?
  4. You can freeze it and take it out the day you want to use it. Makes much better dough.
  5. You can freeze it and take it out the day you want to use it. Makes much better dough.
  6. For what it’s worth, here is a 72hr recipe I use: 72 Hour Pizza Dough Recipe (each 110g of flour makes 1 12” pizza). Ingredients: * 110 grams “00” flour * 2 grams salt * 0.2 gram active dry yeast * 72.8 grams of tap temperature water 185g per pizza. Directions Day 1 1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, salt. 2. Mix water with yeast until dissolved and sit for 10 minutes 3. add the water and yeast and mix with a wooden spoon just to combine. Once the mixture is moistened, lightly flour a worktop and remove the dough from the bow. 4. Knead for 5 minutes to remove clumps. The dough won't become elastic, but should easily form a loose ball. 5. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with cling film. 6. Let it rest 1 hour on worktop. 7. Place in fridge for 2 days 8. Lightly flour worktop / hands and divide dough into 185 gr portions and make your dough balls. 9. Place the dough balls into separate, lightly oiled containers and freeze OR ball and use once brought up to room temperature. On day of use 1. Defrost dough in fridge, then leave dough out for 2 hours to bring up to room temperature before creating pizza skin.
  7. Would be good if you could post your [email protected] I will also be changing the flu on the back of Daves recommendation and interested to see the results.
  8. Much [email protected] I’ll make the changes to the outlet vent as Dave suggested and also try reducing the bean temp too. I’ll do these independently of each other and try a roast with each / both. I’ll be sure to log and keep sharing my findings. I have the book! Although very short it’s ideal for my level. Already learned a lot from it regarding the end to end process.
  9. Looking [email protected] Something I have noticed is that I find it easier to collect the bean from the cooling tray when there is a drop off the edge of the table. Maybe you have a better bowl for collecting them in but something to bear in mind if you have not considered it?
  10. Hi @DaveUK I will order a 100mm venting tube. Why is this better? Also, I was wondering if you have a view as to why my roasting temp and air temp are quite close? My wattage and voltage numbers seems to match yours.
  11. I think they look ok??
  12. I did think it was heavy getting it onto the table. Look forward to see your set up. Have not tasted the beans yet but they look ok. Again a little dark for me so will try for a lighter roast next time.
  13. So after another roast, it seemed to be more difficult to follow the prescribed numbers in the manual. Seems to start off with a much higher roasting temp and not a big different between that and the air temp. I have attached my log for anyone to take a look and pass any comments back. Cheers!!
  14. I have a power meter arriving today. With any luck I’ll have time to see what power the Toaster is pulling and will post, along with my first roast log, and would welcome any comments on adjustments needed.
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