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  1. Hi Hasi, it may have been the build up of chaff. I shall empty after each roast and try the SD arm trick to remove any chaff in the drum. Yes I have a CO2 extinguisher ready in case there is ever a fire I have reread Daves manual and to be fair mentions the points. Sounds like I’ll be fine if I keep an eye on the chaff more often.
  2. So a worrying think happened tonight. I roasted 2 kilos back to back in the Dalian. When I was finished and the roaster was cooled I went to empty the cyclone tray, only to see that the chaff had caught fire at some point as was burned on the top. Does anyone know why this would have happened as I’d like to avoid it in future.
  3. Got any pictures to share? I did a couple of roasters today. Look ok. Shall be sampling in a couple of days.
  4. Hi, I have the opportunity to get some green beans to roast in my Amazon Dalian which have been infusing in a whiskey barrel. I know this is quite a popular option for some companies out there selling roasted beans. I wondered: 1) has anyone tried roasted beans which have been infused in w whiskey barrel 2) is the whiskey flavour noticeable in the finished roast 3) is it safe to roast these beans in a roaster like the Amazon Dalian. Any commend helpful before I decide to buy them or not.
  5. Let us know how you get on. Good luck.
  6. Interesting as mine was not connected. I would remove it as it may have moved in transit. Check for something causing a misaligned connection and then try again.
  7. Hi, I didn’t have a problem lining them up. I would make sure that the end connected to the roaster is fit properly. If it’s a bit squint then this could cause the problem. Is your table solid? If this was bowed with the weight then this could cause the misalignment. I know you have probably done this already but I would play about with the connections, with nothing tightened, and see if that helps any.
  8. Jeez!!! Cool I’ll try that tonight after fitting the wider flue. It’s maybe to do with the SD being partially open. [email protected]
  9. I think I have it around 7/8 when cooling. I also still have the 3 inch flue, being replaced with a 4” flue today as it happens, so don’t know if this will make a difference to the chaff being extracted out the flue.
  10. Was looking for a bit of advice on this. Underneath my chaff collection tray there is a lot of chaff (after roasting 3kg). Does this look like a normal amount.m, and what is the best way to clean under the tray. A vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle or can the tray come off?
  11. You can freeze it and take it out the day you want to use it. Makes much better dough.
  12. You can freeze it and take it out the day you want to use it. Makes much better dough.
  13. For what it’s worth, here is a 72hr recipe I use: 72 Hour Pizza Dough Recipe (each 110g of flour makes 1 12” pizza). Ingredients: * 110 grams “00” flour * 2 grams salt * 0.2 gram active dry yeast * 72.8 grams of tap temperature water 185g per pizza. Directions Day 1 1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, salt. 2. Mix water with yeast until dissolved and sit for 10 minutes 3. add the water and yeast and mix with a wooden spoon just to combine. Once the mixture is moistened, lightly flour a worktop and remove the dough from the bow. 4. Knead for 5 minutes to remove clumps. The dough won't become elastic, but should easily form a loose ball. 5. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with cling film. 6. Let it rest 1 hour on worktop. 7. Place in fridge for 2 days 8. Lightly flour worktop / hands and divide dough into 185 gr portions and make your dough balls. 9. Place the dough balls into separate, lightly oiled containers and freeze OR ball and use once brought up to room temperature. On day of use 1. Defrost dough in fridge, then leave dough out for 2 hours to bring up to room temperature before creating pizza skin.
  14. Would be good if you could post your [email protected] I will also be changing the flu on the back of Daves recommendation and interested to see the results.
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