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  1. This arrived today. It was very well packed!! Thank you very much
  2. Looks like you have done a very good job of packaging!!! I can not wait to get it Thanks
  3. I have been offerd a gaggia classic with PID, that I think that Im going to buy Sorry Thanks
  4. I had one of these machines, bought from ao.com . I have just sent it back for the exact same problem. The wand dripped constantly like yours. They gave me a refund. Now Im looking to buy a sage duo temp or a gaggia classic. Thanks
  5. Would you be able to sell it for £160 including postage? Thank you
  6. I am intrested in this, if you can post it??? Thanks
  7. What do you think that the coffee machine weights? I will price up a courier to pick it up from you? As well. It would be insured Thanks
  8. I have a friend in bristol, that I might ve able to arrange getting it back to me. But you would probably have to deliver it to him? Thanks
  9. I might be intrested in this, if you will post it?? Edited to say, Im asking about the gaggia, not the grinder Thanks
  10. I have bought a sage smart pro grinder. I dont mind learning how to use the gaggia Thanks
  11. I am going to buy a new (second hand) machine. So my first propper espresso machine. Reading this forum, I thought that I would buy a gaggia classic, but now it's time to buy, I have read that there are better options for similar money. Thanks
  12. Is this the better version with the solenoid? Have you adjusted the pressure? Thanks
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