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  1. sorry guys, new to the forum. I'm reading through the forum rules at the mo, it wont happen again.
  2. As with the guys above, both the vario and mignon are completely unsuitable for the amount of coffee you project. A Mazzer superjolly while not all singing and dancing will certainly cope with the demand. Or if you want an on demand grinder a Fracino Luxomatic while a bit more expensive will definitely suit the job. drop me a pm if you still have questions.
  3. Almost certainly you will need to have a seperate hand wash facility, this doesn't necessarily mean a plumbed in sink as you can buy portable ones. as for cleaning you milk jugs I would recommend using a pitcher rinser instead of a sink, they are a life saver and can double as a waste sink for disposing of your excess milk. As for grinder options then this will depend on how serious you are taking it and how consistent you wish to be, a manual grinder is great for very high demand as you can pre fill the doser by grinding lots of coffee. However it is harder to be consistent in your shot size, meaning that if you are serious about providing top quality coffee you will need to weigh every shot, which this is ideal it is not practical if you are busy. Also coffee is only really at its best for around 15 minutes after being ground after that it starts to degrade. this is a pet hate of mine that I see in a lot of shops where the ground coffee just sits there hardly used and the doser is full. Another option would be to get an on demand grinder, this will grind your coffee to an exact measure for every shot, keeping you consistent and cutting back on your coffee wastage, also as the coffee is ground individually for each shot then there is not degrading of the coffee. If you still need help then drop me a message, I am new to the forum but have experience with owning my own coffee shops and can not only offer advice but source equipment and great coffee. EDIT****************** Not sure how an on demand grinder will affect your power usage though, as staring the motor tends to use more power than continually grinding so you may need to factor the peak power into your calculations as it would be start-stop a lot more than a traditional doser type grinder.
  4. Hi Skidbro, Unfortunately good used Dual Fuel Coffee machines are a bit like gold dust. Hard to find and disappear very quickly when they do turn up. The other problem is that they will have no guarantee on them, so if something goes wrong then the buck stops with you and as they are second hand there is no way of knowing if they have correctly been looked after. Having worked in the business and seen how some people have looked after their machines when servicing them, I can assure you that some people are disgusting and will cut corners anywhere they can. I recently had to service a coffee machine in a high street bar, and found under the shower screens a 3 to 4mm thick layer of old coffee and mould. When I asked when it was last cleaned I was informed by both owner and staff that they were un aware you had to clean an espresso machine and it had never been done. the machine was 4-5 years old meaning all their customers were getting a lovely cup of brewed greens.
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