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  1. I’m looking for a similar grinder. I don’t want to get a Wilfa because I see it as Chinese made future landfill. I’m now in a situation where I can’t really afford a decent espresso set up but there doesn’t seem to be any grinder worth buying so that I can at least make my v60 set up work...
  2. Thanks for the advice. I need to go back to the drawing board. At the end of the day I just want to make decent espresso without too much faffing. I think I’ll probably just find some espresso beans that I like and stick with them. I’ll try different beans with my pour overs.
  3. Yes I realise the likelihood is that the components may be made in China. I just think we need to reduce our reliance on them. The other problem with Niche is the lack of a service network and part availability. Yes the Eureka info was very helpful. I’m not sure what to do atm. I was set on Baratza for ages but it’s all Chinese made so I’m sticking with Italian brands. I love the look of Mazzer and Ceado. I don’t intend to switch between v60 and espresso regularly, tbh I’ll probably just get a Eureka Filtro for the pour overs at some point. I suppose a Specialita and a Filtro would be a
  4. It’s not the quality of Chinese produced goods I’m worried about. It’s the simple fact that if we all don’t stop feeding the current regime where we can we are in big trouble....but also with companies like Niche & Wilfa there is no service network or parts replacement, so I see them as future landfill.
  5. Thanks MediumRoastSteam It was a barista in a local coffee shop wh told me (although to be fair she didn’t know which machine i was referring to) as well as someone at a coffee machine supplier referring specifically to the Mara X. But at the end of the day they want to sell me a machine. I had hoped a Specialita would work at least temporarily as a drip & espresso grinder as it has larger burrs than the Eureka Perfetto which is sold as a dual purpose grinder. I don’t fancy the Niche as I really want to avoid Chinese made gear. I can get Mazzer Mini & Super Jolly cheaply l
  6. See this is where I’m getting conflicting advice. Some say it’ll be fine and others that it’s just a complete no. Maybe I should just get myself a Eureka Specialita (want something that I can use for v60 too) for now. After reading Dave’s review of the Lelit Elizabeth I’m now wondering if that’s a better option for me than the Mara X! Seriously I don’t think I’ve ever had such difficulties researching a product as I have for a grinder & espresso machine lol! My wife thinks I’ve lost the plot (she’s probably right!)
  7. Good idea Jason but I think I’d rather just wait a bit longer if it’s not worth getting a machine without a grinder temporarily.
  8. I would definitely go for the Moccamaster, made in Europe rather than China and you can get replacement parts easily.
  9. Thanks Squidgy that’s helpful. MediumRoastSteam I realise it’s not ideal getting the grinder afterwards. I was just hoping that I could get started, learning how to use the machine until I got the grinder.
  10. Thank you for all your comments guys, it’s much appreciated. I guess I’m going to have to stump up the money for the Mara X and wait a month or two for a grinder (probably Eureka Specialita). It’s funny cos I’d always thought I was happy with filter coffee and that espresso was too costly anyway. Then I started thinking a Gaggia Classic would be a good investment that I could get past the wife, now I’m looking at a machine twice it’s price! If only she drank coffee..🙈
  11. Hi guys sorry for yet another Mara X post! I was all set to finally buy an Oscar II machine after much deliberation. But was advised that the new Mara X machine had recently launched and would be a better buy for a first time user. But it is £300 more than the Oscar II. The Oscar II seems very good value in Europe and whilst I can see it’s a bit plasticy the internals seem to be good quality and more importantly it seems to make good espresso and is easy to use. Clearly the Mara X has better build quality, but other than that what would be the benefit of paying the extra £300? Is the cooling f
  12. Now leaning towards Baratza Virtuoso due to information being more widely available. No idea how it compares to Eureka. Would much rather buy a grinder made in the Eu but everyone seems to buy stuff made in Taiwan.
  13. Im thinking of buying this grinder to go with a Moccamaster and Aeropress. Was going to buy the Wilfa grinder but now not sure which to go for. I like the fact that Eureka are made in Italy but the Wilfa is cheaper. Decisions...
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