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  1. Соffее

    Any gardeners?

    I am not a gardener but I grow one sunflower
  2. if you use poison, then be careful that your dog or cat does not eat it
  3. I have never tried coffee with cinnamon, but recently I learned about Russian tea with cinnamon and cloves. I liked it very much. Here two recipes.
  4. sad:( when you write a long message you always need to save it in a block note.
  5. I don't drink a lot of coffee. high caffeine content is a lack of coffee, so tea has an advantage here, but coffee can be drunk with cognac or whiskey
  6. MildredM When i see name Mildred, i always remember song Mildred Pierce
  7. Buenos noches. What do think about my nickname? One the best nicknames on the forum
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