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  1. Great spot! That's got to be a record for the cheapest classic I've ever seen, great for someone based near Glasgow.
  2. Spotted this on Gumtree, worth a punt if you're local: https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine/1379963547
  3. Mudlark13


    I haven't tried any these, but tempted: Origin Los Girasoles or The Lost Barn Uganda Bukonzo Dream (sounds really tasty from the reviews!). If you really want to splash out Colonna have a Colombian which has notes of white peach 🤤
  4. All items are now sold, paid and posted - thank you!
  5. OK, little unsure on pricing as will have to pay postage twice, but how does £15 for the tamper and £20 for the dispersion plate and screen sound inc delivery, paid via PayPal F&F - @Valkyrie88 and @Marcros ?
  6. Offloading a few spares I no longer need, all of these have been used but are in good working condition. The tamper has a few marks near the base and at the top of the handle. Looking for £35 delivered for the lot, but if there's no interest as a group, I'll consider splitting them.
  7. Absolutely no offence taken, MrShades! In fact, I am very pleased that someone has taken the initiative to get up and running sustainably. Initially I was just offloading the few spares I had and it kind of accidentally took off from there, but your design with the included vent tube is much better. At some stage I'll offer the last few I have, but for now, I'd encourage everyone who messaged me with interest to head on over to MrShades' site and pick one up!
  8. Looks great MrShades! - it will be great to have someone ready to supply the demand for all those wanting them. I also prefer the look of the one without the sides!
  9. Too tempting to resist, I'll take this at asking please and can collect. I'll PM you to sort details!
  10. Hi Dave - currently on hiatus from printing the drip trays due to life being a bit busier, but I'll update the thread again in the future if I am ready to print some more for anybody else interested.
  11. Hi Jonny - if you have a search on Thingiverse for 'Gaggia Drip Tray' you'll find there's a few different ones which people have uploaded. I started with one of those but have changed the design a bit to make it adhere to the bed better, if you want the file PM me and I'll send it over.
  12. That's a good point, would definitely make it easier! - from my perspective, I've struggled to supply the demand as so many people have been interested, and I've had to put it on hold while I'm a bit busier. If anyone with access to a 3D printer is willing to print some for the forum members I'd be all for it!
  13. Not yet I'm afraid, but don't worry, I'll update the thread and let everyone know when I have time to get some more printed.
  14. I'm currently trying to resist this Bolivian from Horsham Coffee Roasters - sounds very interesting and unusual.
  15. I just cut the size of the black plastic part with a Stanley knife, if you remove 1-2cm the basket will fit and you can then screw the plastic part back in.
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