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  1. What with being stuck inside a lot more I've decided to fire up my 3D printer and print a few slim Gaggia Drip Trays. I've printed them in PETG which will withstand higher temperatures than PLA. It's taken a few goes to fine tune the settings so offering some imperfect (mainly on the base) but functional drip trays for £10 delivered. Pic attached to show what they look like with the Gaggia metal cover. If anyone is interested please shoot me a PM.
  2. Thank you for sharing - I also went for the decaf. Recently had their Sito Painiera which was delicious!
  3. Just received an email from Coffee Hit stating that they are offering 20% off everything on their website (code: COFFEE20) - some bargains to be had if you have a look around. The email states that this discount is only valid until Wednesday 18th at midnight. Hope this helps somebody!
  4. Very excited to have this delivered this morning - smells delicious, tempted to crack it open but will be patient and let it de-gas for a bit. I love the label!
  5. This has now sold to forum member wan (he expressed his interest in a different thread), so can this please be moved to sold. Thanks, wan!
  6. Great - will PM to arrange details now!
  7. Afraid not, given that they sell for around £120-130 new I think £50 delivered is a fair price.
  8. Timemore Chestnut Hand Grinder for sale. It's best suited to pour over / drip coffee, whilst it can grind very fine, the steps are a bit too big to dial in espresso well. This was bought new and has had less than 500g through it. It's got a few minor cosmetic scratches, but generally is in good condition. Looking for £50 delivered. Any questions please ask.
  9. That makes sense on both accounts - hope you both find one suitable for your needs soon
  10. Here's a few photos. It's got a few minor marks as shown in the photos but is in good working order. That sounds fair, let me know if you'd be interested @tobyjrn6 - thanks.
  11. I have a Timemore Chestnut available for £50 delivered. It'd be suitable for aeropress/pour over, but it's not really ideal for espresso. It's not been used much and is in good condition; I can send photos to anybody interested.
  12. 1. EricC 2. ratty 3. Asgross 4. nickdems 5. Jason11 6. Fez 7. Mudlark13
  13. I'd like to take the C40 Nitro Wood at asking price please.
  14. Okay - I will definitely take it and collect - moving to PM to arrange details now. Thanks, PHB1969!
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