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  1. I'd recommend Kiosk Cafe on Fossgate. They've an EK43 and a good rotating selection of beans!
  2. Just to illustrate what I'm seeing. At 14:22 I sent my offer to Dallah, at 14:24 I received this email: If I view the listing and click on my offer:
  3. The offer was accepted straight away by Dallah, and I received an email from the forum stating that my offer had been accepted. If I click on 'My offer' it shows as accepted but I am still not able to use the 'Contact Advertiser' function.
  4. @DavecUKcan you please clarify what I need to do to complete a sale? @Dallah listed an item, for which I offered the asking price, and now I have attempted to click on the 'Contact Advertiser' button but it tells me 'The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.' How should we proceed from here? Thanks!
  5. I'll take the book and leveller at asking please.
  6. I've never had a bad bean from Crankhouse Coffee, they've been consistently excellent.
  7. The sale has now been confirmed and payment has been sent.
  8. Looks very nice! I'd be happy to take at asking, I will PM you to arrange details when I get home later this afternoon. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm looking for an IMS (or any other precision, other than VST, basket) either 14g or 15g suitable for a 58mm portafilter. I bought a 15g IMS Baristapro basket from Torr Toys 6 weeks ago but it hasn't arrived, and I've had no response to any emails I've sent them . In addition, I'm also looking for a 51mm IMS basket - I have a 49mm IMS basket available which I would be happy to swap if anybody would like to swap. Thanks!
  10. I didn't have any issues fitting the basket inside the portafilter with the wire in place - if I recall correctly I did have to put a reasonable amount of effort to get it into the portafilter, but once in, it stayed in place well. I'd try giving it a hard push with the wire in place to see if it will pop into place.
  11. As BlackCatCoffee says, it's a dual walled basket that creates the pressure. You can replace the basket, in order to do so you'll need to remove the black plastic part underneath (just needs one screw removing) - doing so will give you enough room to fit in an unpressurised basket. You need a 51mm one, such as this. I'd also recommend getting a metal tamper (assuming they still come with the plastic one?). If you use the milk frother, you can you experiment frothing with and without the metal sleeve on the wand. Once it's removed it's a bit easier to get finer control. Hope that gives you somewhere to start! 😀
  12. Maxicoffee have the Flair Classic in stock here - however, it's worth noting their stock comes from France and has this warning: 'Given the current situation at the France/UK border, goods transport is temporarily suspended by our carriers. You can keep ordering but your order won't leave our premises until further notice.' I don't think there's any functional difference between Classic and Signature frame, just the brewhead and accessories included. Depending on how much you're willing to spend I'd consider the signature (or better, the Pro) to get the pressure gauge included. Alternatively, you can buy the gauge and accessories for the classic at a later date.
  13. Payment received, item packaged, ready to be dispatched to Morningfuel tomorrow morning. Mods, could this please be marked as sold - thanks!
  14. For sale is my Made by Knock Feld 47. I purchased it earlier this year and it's had approximately 2kg through it, selling as not used it enough to justify keeping. It's a great quality hand grinder which is difficult to get hold of. Unfortunately I dropped grinds container and so it has noticeable cosmetic marks as shown in the photos (and there's one mark on the handle) - however, the marks are only cosmetic, and it grinds very nicely as you would expect. I've used it successfully for both espresso and pour over. I'm looking for £130 (via PayPal F&F or BACs) including shipping anywhere in the UK, price is fixed. Any questions please ask.
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