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  1. Beautiful machine! Wish my budget could stretch to this. Good luck with sale!
  2. I've recently located from the Caribbean, where I used a mix of moka pot (stainless steel, of course!), fully automatic De'Longhi (bean to cup) and sometimes the trusty french-press. My family runs a successful cafe back home, and we are very passionate about our coffee! I'm going to fight the urge to break the bank on new equipment now that I'm in the UK, but do have the wonderful opportunity to choose a whole new espresso machine and grinder! Here's to diving in the deep(ish) end...
  3. Sorry to hear that the rocky is loud, I was thinking about getting it. Is there a similarly priced grinder recommended around here, which is easier on the ears?
  4. Welcome! Don't worry too much about gear. Enjoy and slowly improve technique. Desire for gear will come
  5. Agree with looking more closely at the roast date. There is, however, no hard and fast rule for expiry. Rather, the flavor will gradually deteriorate with time. The speed of this will depend mostly on how well the beans are stored!
  6. Has anyone here found Torelli Perla Bianca beans retail/supermarket?
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