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  1. Thanks for this. Cleaned the visible area of the dispersion block but didn’t disassembled it. i will look into the brass one. Thank you
  2. Hi Guys. My machine had stopped working, it wasn’t allowing any water to come out. I unscrewed the shower screen and discovered it was full of limescale. I turned the machine one and the water came out without the shower screen. I noticed all the holes were blocked so I tried cleaning it, but not much help. So I dunked it into a solution of water and descaler and it came out clean. The problem I am having is that it smells awfully metallic, do stock Gaggia shower screens have any kind of coating that the descaler solution might’ve stripped off? Or is it normal to have the metallic smell?
  3. Hello, I am moving from Bow, where I've lived for years to Woodford Green. It's a completely new area that I know very little about. Of course part of the fun will be to explore it but I would like to know if anyone has got a recommendation of a good café around there. I am mostly into espresso and lattes but I want to experiment more with other types of coffee.
  4. Just in the photo. I had just given it a wash
  5. Hello. I have what I think is an old Gaggia coffee. When I turn the machine on and as it warms up, water drops come out of the steam wand, even if the steam wand knob is fully closed. It also drips from the grouphead if the portafilter isn't on. Is this normal? I've bought it off ebay from someone who said they knew nothing about coffee of this machine. Any info would be helpful
  6. Welcome, I'd like to find a pressurised basket for my classic (the missus doesn't want to learn about the proper technique so the pressurised basket would be more forgiving) Have you found any?
  7. Hello, My name is Sandro, as you might notice from the username. I am from Portugal but have been living in London where I rediscovered my passion for coffee making and drinking (parent's owned a café in Portugal at one time) when I bought my first espresso machine (a Delonghi Structura). I've sense upgraded to a Gaggia something (kinda like the classic, but white, less buttons - more mystery) and am loving to learn more about coffee and all that goes into making a good cup of coffee. You can see my current machine here https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?50047-Gaggia-Coffee
  8. The picture I had posted wasn't from my machine but from the closest I could find. I've now added pictures of my machine to this reply. It's my understanding that this want isn't a panarello wand. Also this wand is completely fixed, no movement or rotation at all. From the Rancillo mods I've seen online, it seemed that the Gaggia classic has a small nut just by the side of the group head that you can remove, and install on the Rancillo wand (replacing it with the Gaggia nut). On mine the wand seems to go into the machine. I don't know if that will make a difference, but it seems it will make it at least harder to modify.
  9. Hello everyone, I've bought myself a Gaggia coffee a little over a month ago similar to this picture But mine comes with a different steam wand. It has a wand similar to a Rancillo but thinner, with one steam hole. I am finding the flow of steam to be quite irregular and also the milk becomes very hard to clean after using it. I was wondering if anyone knows if this specific model allows for the Rancillo wand mod. Unfortunately due to the name of this model, I am struggling to find any information on it.
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