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  1. MBK has reseller? I found only one in Germany.
  2. You can get the Kinu M47 Phoenix here for EUR 199 with some free Geisha coffee https://www.kaffeetresor.de/equipment-geisha-kaffee/22/handmuehle-kinu-m47-phoenix-mit-geisha-kaffee
  3. Manual grinder: HG-1 E-grinder: Titus
  4. 60 GBP for 1kg roasted Columbian Geisha beans is a good value for money price. Geisha coffee from Panama is much more expensive. ;-)
  5. Maybe an Italian roast of a Geisha (espresso ?) :-)
  6. Feld47 sold out again :-( Kinu M47, too.
  7. Hello fans of brewed coffee , someone on board who is experienced of Feld47, Kinu M47 and C40 mk3 and is able to compare ? An important point is which of these hand grinders is most easy to handle / needs less muscel usage ? I am over 50 years and I don't like sweating. No, an e grinder is out of the question ! ;-)
  8. Eigentlich bin ich wegen der neuen Feld47 von MBK hier. Benötige eine neue vernünftige Handmühle. Aber für Bewertungen ist es auch wohl hier noch zu früh, insbesondere im Vergleich zur Commandante mk3 ;-) Unter Umständen kratze ich über Ostern mein Restenglisch zusammen und versuche eine Frage zum Vergleich dieser Mühlen.
  9. @DavecUK Ikawa + Diedrich Shoproaster
  10. Hi All, I sell Geisha coffee. Roasted and for home roaster green beans in small amounts. Unfortunately my English is limited. Therefore - end of introduction :-) Kaffeetresor
  11. I would like to recommend the Ikawa, too. Professionell roaster use the Ikawa as a sample roaster. Based on the software you can transfer roasting curves to larger roaster (Giesen, Diedrich etc.). So, the Ikawa is working like a large roaster with a small amount of green beans.
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