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  1. Mine is looking a bit weathered from 10 years of use, want something with a better handle. What do you guys recommend? Would like one with a double sprout over bottomless (already have one), angled too.
  2. I must’ve worded it wrong, I was thinking something like the ONA one, I’ve got no idea what these hole made wires do....
  3. Someone on another forum mentioned the Setter 270wi? Is that comparable or worth checking out too?
  4. Where do you guys order it from? I can only find an indiegogo page?
  5. Ooooh, photography corner....
  6. Only recently discovered these things existed, which one do you guys use?
  7. Long time coffee drinking and by the standard of the forum, beginner coffee maker. i want to upgrade my grinder from my Iberital (MC1?) and unsure what to get, I want one that is doseless like the Niche, grind what I need and nothing more. I often swap between making espresso and V60 so some easy adjustment to the grind would be a big plus. budget up to £500, what are your top 3 suggestions?
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