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  1. Sorry, I’m getting mixed messages by what you’re saying here. The first paragraph seems to support getting a grinder and having a go with the Dualit. Then the second paragraph warning against it. My interpretation is if I can get a good second hand grinder and use the Dualit as a stop gap then by not buying from coffee shops I’ll be able to save for a good machine quicker?
  2. Thanks for the response. Ahh really, why’s that, is it incapable or inconsistent? Is it not even adequate as stop gap for a couple of months? Only about £10 a week, but my motivation isn’t economic.
  3. Think I’m ready to dip my toe into the world of espresso... Currently I have a delonghi grinder and v60 at home and a porlex Tall and Aeropress for work. I’m still enjoying these for now but have had my head turned from too many espressos recently. My budget is limited(here we go again, I know) So I anticipate the advice may be to just continue with coffee shops for my espresso fix. But the ace up my sleeve is I already have a machine, or can ransack one anyway. My parents have a Dualit Espress-auto they were gifted, but is now gathering dust. I know this wouldn’t be anyone here’s choice of machine but it should be capable enough get me started and learn on, no? So I’m looking to buy a used grinder for 200-250. I’ve seen plenty of Mazzer SJ and a few Majors in this range. But I’m only citing these as people on here seem to like them and there seem to be a fair number of used ones about, I have no idea if they’re right for me? My thought is even if I end up with a major that’s pretty beat up, I’ll only be using it for a couple of coffees on the weekend so should still get fair mileage out of it? Other than maybe having to replace burrs is there risks of buying second(or more) hand I’m overlooking? Also don’t think I’m ready to abandon the v60 altogether yet, so are there grinders out there better served for switching brew methods that should be on my radar or is this not worth the hassle and I should keep my current set up for v60? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Been lurking a few months hopefully now have amassed enough information to not make a mug of myself!
  5. Very helpful guide. *Newbie question* As I’m only interested in making espresso and not any drinks with milk, are there any alternative machines to consider that don’t have steam wands at all?
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