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  1. I went through 4 iterations of heating the cup with 100C water (each time re-boiling the water) and used a cup with a high thermal mass also. I had left the digital thermometer (instant read from Thermapen) in the cup between heating cycles also to ensure this hadn’t accounted for any heat loss also. I didn’t go for a 5th as the temp of the water had remained stable enough to assume the cup was hotter than 93. I had taken into account the heat loss due to droplets but assumed it wouldn’t be as high as originally found. Perhaps this assumption was the one which was ill founded!
  2. To be truthful you raised a valid point! I’ll take extra care in future! ? ps - I’m already re-appraising my approach and will gladly report!
  3. Thanks Dave, I shall check when back from work. From your experience does water temp (in cup) vary much from the 93. I appreciate variables exist but in a cup that was hotter than 93 I assumed it would be close (not 83) unless I’m otherwise mistaken?
  4. You seem to be mistaken good sir - I have asked the question “is something wrong here?” not made a statement. My methodology had actually made an effort to take into account temp fall by over heating the very vessel the water was landing into. It’s actually more disappointing that ‘some users’ make more of an effort to denigrate others rather than providing constructive support/feedback.
  5. Recently bought a new Lelit Bianca and I was curious as to how accurate the water temperature from the group head was compared to PID setting. In short it didn’t go well. In a plastic cup that had been pre-warmed with kettle water (100C) the temperature from the group head was measuring at 83C. The PID was set to 93. Huge difference! Is something wrong here? Thermometer is accurate to with 0.5C.
  6. Correct. This has been sold. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. Sounds fair. I’ll private message you.
  8. Hi Dave, no issues at all. Only reason I’m selling is my birthday came round and decided to treat myself. You’re more than welcome to have a look if you’re local. I am shooting off to France tomorrow afternoon (only for 8 days) though. ill be totally honest; it’s not up to the standard of the baratza forte but I guess you get what you pay for!
  9. eBay listing link as shown if you want to see pictures and the email receipt for proof of age. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273959859110
  10. Reserve price on eBay for £80 but happy to sell on here for £70. Less than 4 months old (happy to show email receipt on message request) and have used less than once per day. Selling as have just received a Baratza Forte AP and have no need for grinding anything more coarse than espresso. Andover based (collection preferable) but happy to post at buyers cost also.
  11. Agreed - dosing to correct amount ends up hitting the taper when tamping. I’ll probably end up buying a vst one in the future.
  12. I picked up a Barazta Forte yesterday; I asked if they had some old beans round and they threw my several kilos. Whilst roasted a couple months back it still taste outstanding (considering!).
  13. Only use the double. The standard sage ones (came with the Sage Dual Boiler) are more than adequate for my liking.
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