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  1. Well, maybe also nutation can help a little bit, also Stockfleths move...
  2. Hi guys! I'm looking for a lever espresso machine. I wanted to buy Pedretti KIM from Francesco Ceccarelli, but the boiler was leaking It was 150 euros, and that is what I want to spend (or a tiny bit more). I have a good offer for Microcimbali, but I'm afraid of that aluminium boiler corroding. If any of You has a lever he wants to get rid of, let me know as fat as possible Greetings from Poland, Jan
  3. Haha, I am not that much of a newbie though. I drink filter coffee, own a solid MBK FELD2, and a lever is not for me, as I know how hard it is to pull a good shot on a budget
  4. Hi, I'm Jan and I come from Poland. I'm a teenager loving the speciality coffee craft, and working as a barista in one of my local cafes. Not gonna lie, why I came here is because I'm searching for a lever machine in my budget, but hope to stay here for a bit, maybe help others, gain a lot of knowledge!
  5. Yeah, I own one too (a 600 ml white one). After being preheated it easily keeps coffee warm for at least few hours. When your coffee is 92 degrees Celcius after an hour it's like 86. One thing, which You have to consider is the comfort of using it. It's really hard to pour from it, for pouring last 100 ml You'd have to nearily hold it upside down.
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