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  1. Hey. Welcome! I was skeptical, but pleasantly proven wrong, but I could taste an improvement (which is actually all that really matters). I've got the White, but of course it is up to your personal preferences, and how it goes along with your other stuff. If we're talking purely on aesthetics, I thought the white looks better, because the actual Niche logo is in a black circle. White kinda accentuates that part of the grinder and now it becomes 3 tone - wood, white, black. Also, I was afraid that the white would yellow over time like some plastics, but having it in my hands, I believe it has a metal outer case (might be wrong), and my completely unsubstantiated subjective judgement is that it wouldn't yellow over time. Hope this helps!
  2. Ah man.. does anyone have spare discount codes?
  3. Thanks for the heads up Joey, but I don't need it anymore. Cheers!
  4. Not required anymore. Thanks!
  5. Forgot to mention that I've pulled the trigger! Awaiting delivery this Tuesday
  6. Hi there. Looking for a naked portafilter that fits the sage DTP. I am in London, so I could pick it up if you're here, or could have it posted too. Thanks! Edit: title update to not required anymore
  7. Thanks for being gentle in pointing out. Much appreciated, and will read the rest. Apologies.
  8. I would like to echo this (great little grinder), though I don't have experience with other grinders to compare.. Just want to add: - I found it hard swapping grind sizes between drinks because of some retention on the grinder meaning i'd get (a little of the old grind size) + (most of the new grind size) at each dose. Purging a little by sacrificing some beans helped me with this.
  9. Haha! I youtubed the delmonte man.. Thanks all. It was good to know your experiences. I think I'll push the trigger and get the Niche (then I get to be one of the cool kids on the 200page long Niche thread lol). Nick, I'm sure I'll be following your footsteps (or upgrade steps) eventually! Enjoy your new machine!
  10. Hi all, I currently have a Sage DTP + SGP set-up. Love this forum and have learnt alot on technique, grinders, espresso machines and water (ashbeck at the moment). I think I would like to spend some monies to upgrade my SGP towards a better grinder and get a Niche. Gone through lots of the forum threads, and thought it would be a great affordable step up. I think I'm almost convinced already that it will be better. I guess what I want to know is whether other members have done the same upgrade SGP -> Niche, and have a DTP as well. And how much did the Niche improve your brews on the DTP? Would the DTP present itself as a bottleneck, and I get little to none perceived improvements? Thanks once again!
  11. Hey Methy, Just wanna add; apart from the grind size, and tamp pressure which you're already aware of, perhaps investigate the distribution of grinds too? I've learnt that even if the top surface of the grounds is rather flat (in the PF) prior to tamping, the sub-surface distribution of grinds could be non-uniform. So, there could be channeling going on somewhere there despite tamping. This could also lead to faster extraction. I'm currently experimenting with the WDT (Weiss distribution technique) myself. Don't know if it would help your situation. matt
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