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  1. Anybody tried the temperature sensor like the Gene Café CBR 1200 ? We can really see it on the drum... Nothing special in my opinion and it could be done very easily I guess with this type of part: Any thoughts ?
  2. Great feedback ! Which quantity of beans for these roast ? 250g 230g ? I'm surprised that you didn't change the temperature even after the FC, with my Gene Roaster, if I don't reduce it, after 1 to 1,5min there is the SC ! From my little experience on this device and in roasting (30kg until now), higher the batch quantity is, quicker the temperature raise - Depending the beans used (SHB for instance) It could be difficult to handle the power/temperature this is why I tend to manage it by reducing the batch quantity.
  3. @VoocashThank you for your feedback ! Did you finish also the dimmer mod ? These 3 last batches were roasted without the dimmer ?
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