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  1. If you make it to anywhere near Sheffield, then I can highly recommend Tamper... https://tampercoffee.co.uk/kiwi-cafe-culture/menu/ Or Foundry at Cutlery Works... https://cutleryworks.co.uk/vendors/
  2. I'm still very new to the world of speciality coffee, but have tried a bunch of different coffees now, however I struggle get get a cup I really enjoy from any of the lighter roasts that I've had, and I don't know if that's purely because my tastes veer more towards medium to darker roasts, or because I'm not doing a great job of getting the best out of those lighter beans. I mostly drink black americano and the occasional latte, and generally go with a 2:1 ratio, starting with 18g in and looking to get 36-40g out in around 28-30 seconds. Using that method I'm getting some fabulous results with some medium and darker roasted coffees (Rave Chatswood, Signature, Ozone Hodson and Tamper blend), but most of the lighter roasts I've tried (Drop tasting pack for instance) just seem completely underwhelming to me. So can anyone give some pointers to maybe tweak my basic recipe to bring the best out of those beans?
  3. Another vote for Rave's Chatswood blend here. Plus I'd definitely take a look at Ozone's Hodson blend, if medium/dark is what you're looking for. That is seriously rich and juicy.
  4. biggow


    I’ve been trying out a few of the Leeds coffee shops lately, and I have to say that Kapow is my favourite (so far) in town. Lovely selection of coffees, and lovely staff. It’s only small, but definitely worth a look. The best overall IMHO is North Star, down by the Royal Armouries. That place is just great all round. Really nice coffee, which they roast themselves, nice seating both inside and outside, and a decent selection of food. I tried Laynes, and maybe just went on a bad day, but the espresso was really sour. For reference it was Square Mile’s Red Brick. My other half had food, and she wasn’t particularly impressed with that either. Ive only tried Cielo in Garforth, but that was lovely too.
  5. Problem solved... So I 'thought' I had calibrated the Niche, but all I'd actually done was follow the steps in this video... ...when I actually needed to do the full steps as described in DaveC's video... ...as suggested by Fez. Anyway, I've now done that and my espresso range is back in the 10-20 area, so all good. Thanks for all your help everyone.
  6. I’m reasonably confident that my prep is ok, as I’m using a naked portafilter and am getting a lovely single stream coming through. For reference though, here’s what I’m doing: Grind 18g in the Niche, straight into the dosing cup. Pour the contents of the cup into the portafilter (fitted with 18g VST), with the help of a funnel. Use the finger technique to roughly level everything. Use the Motta distribution tool to get everything evenly distributed. Tamp using the Eazytamp 5 star pro, which keeps the tamp nice and level. Give a final polish with the Sage’s supplied tamper So even though I get a nice single stream coming through, the issue is that it’s coming through very fast. Now, just to add to my woes, I’m finding that I’m also occasionally having pucks stick to the shower screen, but I guess that’s just because the grind is so fine.
  7. Unfortunately, I had thought of that, and had already checked it. Yes, the Niche is calibrated ok.
  8. Hi all, I have a Sage Dual Boiler and a Niche Zero, but have only been at this for a month or so, however initially things were going pretty well. I was getting some decent shots, very little channeling, improving my milk frothing etc, and generally have a great time playing around. Suddenly, in the last week, I can't seem to dial anything in at all. I've got a few new bags of beans to try, namely the espresso lover pack from Rave (Rave signature blend, Italian job and Chatswood blend), Rocko Mountain and Rio Magdalena from Foundry and Nee Caffeine Hinny from Tynemouth, and have been having a torrid time trying to get a decent shot. With the Tynemouth, the Rocko, the Rio Magdalene and the Rave Signature Blend I'm finding that in in order to get 36g out from 18g in, in anything over 25 secs, I'm having to take the Niche down past zero, and even then the shots are crema monsters and taste really sour, and I'm not entirely sure what's going on. I have 2 theories, and I'm not sure either is right, hence asking for the advice of the experts on here. Theory 1 The beans are still too fresh, hence the massive amounts of crema and super fast shots. Theory 2 Initially I was using Volvic in the Sage, which was when things were going well, and in this last week have been using distilled water with added minerals via Third Wave Water sachets. I'm not convinced theory 1 is the answer, as each of the bags I've used is at least 1 week past the roasting date, therefore theory 2 sounds more likely, but could the water really make THAT much difference? Or is there something else that I'm just not considering? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  9. I've just got a bag of Tynemouth's decaf, and had a slightly odd experience with it. First off the beans seem REALLY dark to me, almost black in fact. Considerably darker than Rave's Italian roast, for instance. Then, when trying to dial them in using the Niche, I started at around the 10 mark, and got 36g out (from 18g in) in about 10 seconds ??. I ended up just below zero on the Niche in order to get 36g to come through in around 25 seconds. I only tried it in a flat white, and the result was pretty good, but I just wondered if the above sounds similar to other people's experience with these beans?
  10. When I was in there last weekend they were using these beans... https://www.northstarroast.com/product/burundi-natural/ ...which were deliciously fruity.
  11. With regards to pouring slowly, I was reacting to your comment that part of the issue could be that I was 'pouring too aggressively', which I took to mean the same as pouring too fast. I'd also broken down the steps I was going through in a previous post, which was: - Grind 15g of coffee (various grinds between 30 and back round to zero) - Add the coffee to the V60 - Add 30-45g of water, straight from the boil - Stir what's there and leave to steep for 30 seconds - Add water up to 250g - Stir a couple of times - Once fully drained, stir the pot and then pour into a cup That was my initial routine, to which I then added pouring slowly, and waiting a couple of minutes before tasting the final result. I'll try and get a video over the weekend. I suspect that the issue is one of the following things, either: - I'm being a plonker and doing something obvious wrong (which should show up in a video) - I'm actually misinterpreting what I'm tasting - The beans are just not to my taste The second point is an interesting one. I was at Laynes coffee in Leeds last Saturday, with my better half, and she thought the espresso tasted bitter, whereas I thought it tasted sour (either way it wasn't great). After much debate we agreed it was probably sour, but it's interesting how 2 people's initial reaction could be so different, which makes me therefore suspect I'm potentially misinterpreting what I'm tasting.
  12. Just for info. I've been using distilled water with Third Wave Water powder added. I tried again last night, although didn't have much time, so only had 1 quick try. I set the Niche at the 12 o'clock point, so in the middle of the hinge, set the kettle at 95 degrees, poured as slowly as possible and left the cup a couple of minutes before I drank it, and it was still very bitter.
  13. You're right Mrboots2u, I didn't intend for the same discussion to end up in 2 threads. Interestingly, I chose the Honduras from Coffee Compass after contacting them for recommendations for pour over. Their 2 recommendations were that Honduran, which turned out to be a winner, and the Java Jampit, which is one I've massively struggled with. Anyway, as you say, this issue is mainly being addressed in the Niche owners thread.
  14. The 2 I've struggled with are these 2: https://shop.3fe.com/coffee/El-Salvador-Finca-Las-Brumas-Pacamara-SL28 https://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/products/java-jampit-estate-500g The 2 that I've had great results with straight away are: https://foundrycoffeeroasters.com/products/rocko-mountain-ethiopia?variant=13412782112833 https://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/products/honduras-finca-cerro-azul-red-bourbon-natural-process-500g Admittedly, the Rocko was with a Handground grinder and an Aeropress, all the others have been with the Niche and V60
  15. Thanks Jon. I do get it now. Having said that, when I tried going past the 50 mark last night, once at the red calibration marker, and once back round at zero, I was still getting very bitter coffee. So I don't think this method will help in this particular instance.
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