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  1. I'd try and get every last remnant of coffee out of the screw heads first, a pin or needle would be best. Then the screwdriver should engage more securely. Failing that it might be best to remove the lower burr carrier complete with the burr and you could then soak it in penetrating oil or Plusgas to try and ease the screws. Last resort would be a screw extractor (a bit like a drill bit with a left handed thread) to get the screws out, and then replace with new screws.
  2. Playing around with my new camera I took this shot of Molly, hand held at F1.8, 1/2s. Not bad at all, and clearly demonstrates the benefits of image stabilisation (This is an old Pentacon 50mm F1.8 on an Olympus EM10 MkIII). I've been away from serious photography for about 8 or 9 years and coming from film photography (mostly large format) I'm finding the technology bewildering to say the least! I'll get there though, the prospect of heading out with a pack weighing under 5kg (including tripod) rather than psyching myself up to heave a 25kg pack out the car boot is VERY appealing.
  3. CJV8


    They're protoyping at the moment. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates. I think the aim is sub $1000 (US).
  4. I'm using the dimmer to adjust the wattage during the roast.
  5. It's the KBGT we have, just the standard Moccamster but with the thermal carafe. It can brew up to 1.2 litres (or 10 cups as they claim), however as our intention is to serve small samples only we'll be brewing a lot less than that so the coffee remains fresher. We got a second carafe to help with that. It's effectively a simple automated filter brewer. It's not at all clever or programmable, it just brews filter coffee repeatedly, at least in my experience. I was very skeptical when we got it but have come to love it, and use it a few times a week over my V60. As for what they do differently, I think that's really just the temperature consistency during brewing. Shop around a bit, we got our brewer and the second carafe for just over £200, and a few boxes of filters for another tenner. From what I've read they're good and reliable too which is always a plus.
  6. That's our plan. Other than a bit of intervention at the start of the brew it manages itself for the most part so we can speak to customers more and brew less. And with the thermal flask it does keep the coffee at a decent temperature for 20 to 30mins, indoors at least.
  7. That's my Roast Vision arrived, thanks again Phil!
  8. I think the switch I used was around £4 from Ebay, just make sure it's the right type and rated for 16 amps. I'll try and find the details and send them over. Shop around for the Flojet, you might find a better deal. I paid £120 for mine, but at the time a lot of places were sold out, but were quoting lower prices.
  9. Quicker than a greased weasel! I'll PM you my details shortly.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/272967927557177/ A bargain for someone if they're local to Grimsby. We have one of these, it runs off a 13A plug no problem but needs to be plumbed to mains or run off a Flojet (we do the latter). Power switch failure is a common issue with these, ours did and the replacement has been fine for a year now. If you have the space it's a bargain for a well built rotary pump machine that's actually quite compact for a 2 group. And I thought mine at £350 was a bargain...🙄
  11. That's what matters, so long as you see improvement and you're happy. A SGP was my first 'serious' grinder and I had no issues with it.
  12. The delivery has been quick up to now, hopefully Customs goes smoothly.
  13. A little curious that they've taken the "confidential information" approach, but that aside I've used them a few times and have no complaints. I've ordered a few tampers which are very nicely made and well packaged, and a bottomless portafilter for a Lelit which, for the price, is great however it's not made to the same standard as the original equipment. The basket that came with it is pretty good, though not amazing. Everything I've ordered was delivered very quickly.
  14. A box fulla Fika. Which appears to be upside down...
  15. Their Bale Mountain is fantastic as a pourover.
  16. I've placed my order. Thanks for your hard work getting this sorted Phil.
  17. I get the same thing. The ET probe is sitting closer to the heating element, so in steady(ish) state conditions with limited airflow, and the same probe type and size you'd expect it to read a higher temperature.
  18. I'd never actually thought about the monthly cost, but working it out it's on average about £55 per month just myself, and adding in Mrs. CJV8's consumption it goes to about £82 average. Eeek. It will have been considerably higher last year as being furloughed, then working from home and having the machine on all day meant it was far too easy to just grab a cheeky wee espresso. Speaking of which it's been about 45mins since my last coffee...🤔
  19. Hi Van, that's the same setup we used for a few years. Have you modified the portafilter insert to make it unpressurised? It makes a big difference to the shot quality and if the machine is 12 years old there's no warranty to worry about. Welcome aboard! PS. We're just over the border in Moray and we're pretty much snowed in too!
  20. CJV8

    Cat lovers

    Agreed. This was us receiving "help" with the Christmas wrapping last year.
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