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  1. A cortado without a soul?
  2. Next phase of Project Garden Booze, plum wine. This is the set-the-juice-loose phase. Messy, sticky and I now have the hands of an Oompa Loompa, but it smells good. And lots of plum mush for the compost heap.
  3. I think it depends what your overall plan is. Will you be roasting while serving, or is the roaster just to be on display with roasting done out of hours? The Dalian is a very hands on roaster and needs 100% attention when running, whereas I believe the Bullet has a degree of automation and can follow a pre-loaded roast profile, so in theory you could be roasting while serving. Also space could be an issue, the Dalian needs quite a bit more space than the Bullet, but would also need to be permanently set up. It's moveable, but definitely not portable! At least with the Bullet it could be
  4. I think the price difference is reflected in the bean quality, at least based on my experience from having had green from Falcon (in bulk) and small volumes from others.
  5. Is this any good? It's the whole thing with a basket, but the price is quite a bit lower than the Lelit stuff. https://www.edesiaespress.com/lelit-58mm-bottomless-portafilter-21g-basket-walnut-handle/ I have one of their black plastic handled bottomless portafilters and while it's not as nice as the genuine stuff, for the price I have no complaints at all.
  6. Colombian Belalcazar as a V60 from Coffee By The Casuals, courtesy of our own @filthynines. Delicious, the digestives definitely come through, just with an added fruit layer.
  7. Allowing for "The Highland Factor" my custard bags of loveliness finally arrived! Nice job on the packaging @filthynines, we shall be diving in soon.
  8. It depends on the colour of the wires. No harm will come to anything if you wire it up wrong, as @Rob1 says you'll just get some weird readings.
  9. I assume the probe you've connected to the multimeter is the 'spare' K-type in the front of the roast just next to the trier? If so this is the air temp, and will always be hotter than the Air Temp display on the roaster, as the probe for that readout is underneath the drum in the air ducting, whereas the one in the front is inside the drum and just underneath the heating element. I wouldn't worry about the roaster having a fault, the temperature offset sounds about the same as mine.
  10. They were just the first roasts using Artisan. They tasted very good actually, but that's not my standard roast profile. FC is starting nearer 10mins now, and the lack of a dry end was down to me forgetting to click the button to mark it!
  11. @Dartmoor Coffee, that's perfectly normal, the Dalian probes are 5mm so take longer to react. The temps will balance out once the roaster is warmed up and stable, but each time the temp changes you'll get different readings from the probes. For example at charge the Dalian will read a bottoming temp of about 134°C and Artisan shows somewhere in the mid 80s.
  12. Are you likely to be in north east Scotland any time soon....?
  13. Minimum order from Falcon is one bag, but the postage rate is flat for 1 to 6 bags so if you can, it makes sense to order more. If there's a roaster not too far away that sources from Falcon maybe see if you could hijack one of their orders to cut down on postage until you're ready to order more.
  14. In all seriousness I'd say they're worth getting. Yes, you can easily make a mess, but you then learn from that mess and improve you puck prep, which then leads to a more even extraction and a tastier cup, which is the goal at the end of the day. I wouldn't be without mine. But maybe have a damp cloth to hand....
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