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  1. Pretty impressed...it arrived today after only ordering on Tuesday. Looking forward to testing it out... [ATTACH=CONFIG]39922[/ATTACH]
  2. Did he order direct from MBK and, if so, how long ago? This gives me hope, thanks!
  3. Hi Guys, Very excited, have managed to score a used Gaggia Classic but it only came with the standard portafilter and pressurised baskets. I'm looking for: - Naked portafilter with double basket - Blind filter for blackflushing I know I can find them online but I'd much rather put my money in the hands of people on the forum. Many thanks in advance, Baristapprentice
  4. Placed an order on the MBK website yesterday for a Feld47...having read this thread, am slightly worried it will be ages before it arrives! Pinged Peter an email to ask about estimated delivery date - will let people know how I get on...
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice. I’ve just bitten the bullet and gone for a Feld47: Honed, as the price for a cosmetic 2nd seemed pretty good. Hoping it’ll be shipped before too long! I don’t mind hand grinding, at least to start with, especially if I have a grinder with fine adjustment so I can dial things in. Now I just need to look out for a decent second hand Gaggia Classic... Looking forward to making my first decent espresso. Baristapprentice
  6. There's H. Gunton in Colchester, Essex - https://www.guntons.co.uk - but, like others on the forum, I didn't find their beans to be the freshest when I last bought from there.
  7. Thanks Samalang, what grinder did you go for in the end?
  8. Hi Guys, Long-time coffee fan, finally getting into the espresso game properly after always wondering why my homemade americanos tasted so mediocre. Did some Googling, found this forum and then realised the many errors I'd been making. My current "setup", if you can even call it that: Dualit Espressivo, Krups blade grinder (I know, I know) and a Bialetti stove top. The Bialetti produces marginally better coffee, I assume because it's more tolerant of a poor consistency grind. I know that properly made espresso doesn't come cheap but, since my budget isn't infinite, I'm going to have to look at making my upgrades one at a time. From the lurking I've done here, it seems like the grinder is the best place to start, especially as I can make things slightly better with my Dualit by buying a non-pressurised basket, even if the water temperature isn't quite high enough. As I'll be only be making a small quantity of coffee, I was considering a high-quality hand grinder like the Feld47, saving a bit of money by buying a cosmetic 2nd. What do people think? Am I better off spending the same amount of money on a second-hand electric grinder? If so, what would be the best one to go for? I'm a few posts short of being able to view the for sale section on the forum. Many thanks in advance, Baristapprentice
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone! So, it's definitely the espresso route I am headed down...hoping to build up the kit over time and will definitely be checking out the for sale section.
  10. Hi Guys, Hello from a long-time London-based coffee drinker, living in ignorance. Then I discovered this forum, which means I won't ever be able to tolerate the mediocre coffee I've been making for myself again! About to post in the The Grinder Forum, as my lurking on here has informed me that this is the most important place to start... Looking forward to learning from all the expertise on the forum, Baristapprentice
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