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  1. Tafka

    Pact coffee

    nope.... I had no idea. Coffee shops just make the coffee they don’t share any knowledge. This is all new to me. oh and I bought ground... still waiting on a grinder. Was thinking of a sage dose control pro
  2. Tafka

    Pact coffee

    Waiting on my first delivery. Will arrive before my gaggia classsic eBay win unfortunately, so it’ll just sit there sneering at me for not making it
  3. The longer I look the more I think I need to double or treble my budget. Was thinking more altura than Castelli . Italian is the way I’m leaning not Rapha
  4. Will you Be making them to order?
  5. Sorry to revive an old thread. Just wondered how you got on with the 600
  6. I’m not an expert on coffee machines but from other industry could it be drawing air? Have you missed an o ring or left a union loose. If air gets in it won’t suck water up
  7. Thanks. Im looking to pick up a gaggia classic. With maybe a budget of about a hundred on a grinder.
  8. Colleague at work recommended I join.
  9. Been lurking for a good while. Was never into coffee until I started cycling had to start to be in the cool club 🤗. Time to graduate from cafes to making my own. Here for advice and tips. Hopefully receive both
  10. Lurked for weeks registered, lurked a bit more then made this first post
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