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  1. jep. yesterday i had collarbone surgery. neck will be fine with a neck brace. but f**k shit..... will be most easy i guess. but i like to learn. so both is oke. No will be my first. So if you have any suggestion.... thanks
  2. sorry hasi. just searched whole internet off last days. nothing else to do. broke my neck and collarbone last week. i'm just a coffee lover who is looking for a advanced coffee roaster. My name is wilco kelderman, cyclist in normal life. in private life i'm like to be busy with coffee. cheers
  3. I'm looking for a new roaster around 2000 euro. found some interesting ones. Does anyone has experience wit this website? https://www.shopcoffeeroasters.com/ . I'm interesting in the 300g smart coffee roaster price is around 1900 use with shipping cost. dial an amazon coffee does have a similar one now. anyone have already experience with this smart roasters? Also this one looks interesting, seems a lot cheaper. http://www.forexroasting.com/Product.aspx?id=1342 someone any experience with this one? http://www.x-coffeeroasters.com/r200-tiny-coffee-roaster/ also a tiny one but
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